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https://fee.org/articles/socialisms-sexist-origins/ "However, the origins of socialism are not as progressive as many of its adherents believe, certainly not on the point of women’s equality. In The Lost Literature of Socialism, Cambridge University historian George Watson points out that socialism was originally a conservative idea, and that many prominent socialists—seldom read even by their admirers—actually “hated progress and demanded a return to ancient values.” That included a return to traditional gender roles. Socialism Was a Reactionary Philosophy Socialism was arguably a reactionary response to how the Industrial Revolution transformed society. Industrialization created a class of nouveau riche who gained wealth through market transactions rather than by birthright, threatening the old order: “enfeebling traditional authority… and weakening hereditary influences.” Factories also brought women into the labor force en masse, granting them economic independence and bargaining power that altered family dynamics and disturbed old-fashioned sensibilities. In short, commoners and women were earning money, and traditionalists were aghast. The prominent Victorian social thinker John Ruskin wrote in his 1860 critique of capitalism, Unto the Last, that his aim was “to show the superiority of some men to others” and the wisdom of a hierarchical society that keeps “inferiors” in their place. Socialism presented an alternative to the unprecedented social mobility and rapid changes of the industrial age. Watson notes that many people felt the classical liberals advocating “free trade and the free market were rapidly destroying traditional patterns of life, loosening family ties and threatening morality itself”. As the socialist Bertolt Brecht once said: “Communism is not radical. It is capitalism that is radical.” “It is easy to forget that conservative interests were once fiercely critical of competitive wealth-creation and the commercial spirit,” as Watson puts it. (Today, too, entrenched interests often stand to gain most from regressive regulation of the economy). Socialism historically has resulted in the installation of hereditary systems of entrenched privilege, “since only privilege educates for the due exercise of centralized power in a planned economy.” Children of the bourgeoisie were relegated to a subordinate caste in the Soviet Union. Stalin’s eldest son, had he not died, would have been destined for high office. President Ceausescu of Romania gave his wife and son cabinet posts."
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Полковник Кольт и National Rifle Association сделали для равенства женщин больше, чем все левофеминистические движения вместе: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/05/opinion/mom-gun-safety-intruder.html "A few months after my father left our family home for good, my mother heard me screaming in the middle of the night. It was the kind of scream that made her grab her rifle in one hand and some ammo in another. It was a spring night and I was sleeping with my window open, which was right above my bed; I loved breathing in the fresh air. That night, in that open window, I heard the banging of a ladder, and by the time my mother made it into the room and began loading her gun, a man was about to climb in. She said something along the lines of: “Bethany, come over here. I don’t want you to get his brain matter on your face.” I backed up behind her and my mother raised her gun. The would-be intruder slowly backed down the ladder. As he climbed down, my mother approached. The barrel of her rifle was inches away from his face and she told him, “Next time you come here, I won’t hesitate.” She had her gun pointed at him through the window on his way down, and as he went down the ladder she grabbed the top and shook it, just to put the fear of God into him one last time before he fled. My mother admired Ralph Nader and voted for the Green Party candidate during every presidential election I walked into a booth with her. There was not an issue on which she was not the most progressive person in the room. And yet, she owned guns. They weren’t “weapons of war” to us, nor were my parents “gun nuts”; they just had a camper trailer in upstate New York, where bears were common campfire intruders. And soon, she had reason to keep them around the house for self-defense as well. Continue reading the main story Right around when my dad left, when I was 3 years old, our neighborhood on Long Island experienced a crime wave of burglaries, which led my mother to keep guns in various parts of the house in case she needed one at a moment’s notice. That decision turned a story with a potentially tragic ending into one about a heroic single mother and her young daughter. Our incident won’t show up in the statistics about gun use in self-defense scenarios. I doubt my mother ever reported it to the police..."
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Феминистка здорового человека https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iKBEJp92CA
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Страна победившего феминизма: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DXHl3vvVwAEMYZE.jpg:orig
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http://www.psypost.org/2018/02/women-feel-comfortable-interacting-gay-men-straight-men-study-finds-50793 "Women tend to have friendlier and more intimate interactions with gay men than straight men after learning of their sexual orientation, according to research published in the journal Psychological Science. The study indicates that women are less comfortable interacting with straight men because they worry that their friendliness could be misinterpreted as a sign of sexual interest. “This topic has been a long-standing interest of mine for many years,” said study author Eric M. Russell, a research associate at the University of Texas at Arlington. “I have always been interested in the unique bond that straight women and gay men share, and I have greatly enjoyed conducting research that explores why and when (i.e., in what contexts) these friendships are most likely to form and flourish.” “In this study, we hypothesized that women would have more comfortable and intimate initial encounters with gay men once they discover their sexual orientation. Because straight men typically overperceive women’s sexual interest, women often try to keep their ‘friendlier’ interaction behaviors in check when they are meeting men for the first time.” “This is especially true of physically attractive women who are often wary of straight men wanting more than a platonic relationship with them,” Russell explained to PsyPost. “However, when these women discover that they are interacting with gay men, this anxiety is greatly reduced in that the women no longer feel pressured to suppress their more open and involving interaction behaviors. With gay men, women can engage more openly and intimately with them because they do not have to worry about the men having an ulterior sexual motive.”"
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https://reason.com/blog/2018/02/21/kansas-teen-sex-felony-hb-2738 "A Kansas state legislator has proposed a bill that would decriminalize consensual sexual contact between kids under the age of 14—a much-needed update to the state's draconian laws, which currently criminalize sexual contact up to age 16. Democratic Rep. Dennis Highberger's bill, HB 2738, would remove the criminal penalties associated with consensual sexual acts committed between kids ages 11 to 14. "Children of these ages are together in junior high school, and any sexual experimentation between them would be much better handled by parents, teachers and counselors than by the juvenile justice system," said Highberger, according to The Wichita Eagle. The bill is partly inspired by the ordeal of Randy Masten, whose 14-year-old son was charged with a felony for engaging in mutual, consensual kissing and touching with a 13-year-old girl in a school elevator: After the encounter came to light, he was contacted by a police officer who was investigating. Nearly a year later, in January 2017, Masten's son was charged. The charges were later dropped. Masten said he spent nearly $13,000 on an attorney and never found out why the case went away. He said his son and the girl were 55 days apart in age. "What if we did not have the means to defend our son? An overzealous DA and judicial system, following the letter of the law as it stands, could have destroyed my son's life and wrecked the lives of my wife and myself as well," Masten said. It should be up to parents and teachers to decide what is and isn't appropriate teen behavior, and to deal with it accordingly. No one benefits when consensual touching between same-aged kids is a criminal offense: not the education system, not the overburdened criminal justice system, and certainly not the kids themselves."
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We have established the 30% ratio as a bare minimum to be respected. More specifically, the following ratios are expected: Keynotes - 30 % women. Since the number of plenaries is small, this ratio will be more flexible. MS (5 people): At least 2 should be women. Given that not all fields have the same representation, those finding the ratio difficult to respect, should write a report of names considered and send it to the organizing committee for approval. http://ecm31.ecanews.org/en/speaker-policy-for-gender-balance.php
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Удобно, когда Аллах за тебя получает согласие на секс у любого млекопитающего женского пола: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5306279/Mother-refused-report-Afghan-migrant-molesting-daughter.html "An Afghan migrant who molested a 12-year-old Swedish girl was initially not reported to police - because her mother was dating him. Abdul Dostmohammadi, 18, was living with his 45-year-old girlfriend in Sölvesborg, southern Sweden, when he sexually molested the 12-year-old. When the girl told her what had happened, the mother refused to report him to police as she feared he would be sent back to Afghanistan, court documents reveal. Dostmohammadi, now 19, had moved into the family home after he turned 18 and was no longer allowed to live in a care home for under-aged migrants. The 45-year-old had worked at the care home, and had offered to take Dostmohammadi in after he became an adult."
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"Самолёт, полный феминистками, летящими в Находку на митинг с требованием признать эпизодом необходимой самообороны".жпг https://meduza.io/news/2018/01/26/v-nahodke-zhenschine-dali-sem-let-za-ubiystvo-muzha-on-izbival-ee-neskolko-let "В Находке прокуратура потребовала приговорить к семи годам колонии женщину, которая убила своего мужа, когда он в очередной раз избивал ее в их квартире. Об этом сообщила адвокат Елена Соловьева. Имя подсудимой — Галина Каторова. Она убила своего мужа Максима Каторова в марте 2017 года. Когда он в очередной раз начал избивать ее, она ударила его ножом. На теле убитого обнаружили множественные ранения. Максим Каторов избивал жену на протяжении нескольких лет. Они познакомились в 2009 году, официальный брак был заключен в 2013-м. Галина Каторова жаловалась в полицию на избиения, но затем мирилась с мужем и отзывала заявление."
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https://fee.org/articles/how-gun-free-campuses-victimize-women/ "How Gun-Free Campuses Victimize Women My college experience didn't go as planned: I was the victim of rape. It was something I thought could never happen to me. This was something that only happened to other people, something you see on "Law & Order: SVU." Instead of Detectives Benson and Stabler swooping in to save the day, I was left completely broken – replaying the events of that day over and over again in my mind wondering where I could have gone wrong. I was raised around guns and was taught about responsible gun ownership at a very young age. When I turned 21 years old and was legally able to carry a gun, I immediately felt safer. Nothing could harm me because my firearm was the great equalizer. There was one minor issue: my Second Amendment rights didn't exist on my college campus. I was naïve and believed what they told me during orientation: that there was no need to worry because campus police are only a phone call away. All was well until that fateful evening when I became another statistic. The details of that horrific event don't matter. What does matter is this: Research has shown that women aged 18-24 are three-to-four times more likely to be victims of sexual violence compared to women in general. Given my background, I would be lying if I said my sexual assault turned me from a gun-grabber to a Second Amendment advocate, but I did have one big realization. My rape made something very clear: My right to self-defense should not be up for debate. It does not matter if you are a bleeding-heart feminist who actively tries to fight against rape culture. It does not matter if you believe rape culture doesn't exist. It really doesn't even matter if you don't even believe my own account that I'm disclosing to you now. What does matter is that women deserve the right to choose how to defend themselves. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are 11.5 million females this fall on colleges and university campuses across the United States, compared to 8.9 million males. Women are clearly the majority of our college campuses, and yet we are not doing everything we can to empower them to defend themselves against possible harm. We must empower women and give them a choice: the choice to take their security into their own hands by legally carrying a concealed firearm on their public university campuses. I am a law-abiding citizen and have jumped through all the hoops required by the government to get my concealed carry permit. I have proven that I am competent with firearms and have taken the necessary safety class. I allowed for the government to run the mandatory background check on me. I even paid the $50 Virginia application fee. I'm allowed to protect myself in movie theaters, malls, and most other public places, but my right to self-defense is suddenly negated on most public university campuses. Why?.."
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https://geektimes.ru/post/297369/ "Со своим коллегой, Беверли Баартманс, она разработала курс пространственной визуализации, чтобы помочь её студентам разрабатывать пространственные навыки. 15-часовой курс — использующий конструктор, черчение, ПО, учебники с задачами — привлёк женщин, справляющихся с ним не хуже мужчин, судя по базовым тестам на пространственное мышление, и помог повысить процент учеников, остающихся до конца курса, на 20-30%. «Если в начале курса у вас учится 100 женщин, можно ожидать, что инженерами из них станут 50, — говорит Сорби. — Если мы даём им этот курс, то инженерами станут уже 80». Упражнения, связывающие движения и жесты с визуализацией — к примеру, манипулирование блоками с целью нарисовать их с разных сторон — судя по всему, влияет больше всего, а только лишь компьютерные упражнения вообще ни на что не влияют. «Рисование помогает сильнее всего, — говорит Сорби. — Работа руками помогает с визуализацией». Ньюком предполагает, что подобные курсы могут изменить то, как наш мозг работает на субклеточном уровне. «Пластичность зависит от функциональной связанности, или от того, как вы используете тот мозг, что у вас есть, — говорит она. — Отдельные нейроны могут выращивать или терять входы и входы, или химически меняться на уровне синапсов». Важный урок: реальность половых различий в пространственном мышлении не означает, что они зафиксированы. «Для большинства когнитивных способностей периоды сохранения пластичности довольно длинные — возможно, и бесконечные, — говорит Ньюком. — Каждый может их улучшить». Каждый — значит, и мужчины тоже. К примеру, программа Сорби улучшает пространственные навыки и студентов мужского пола, что видно по оценкам за тесты. Поскольку у них есть фора по сравнению с женщинами, этот прирост часто выводит их вперёд и после окончания курса. Однако, как говорит Сорби, курс не так сильно улучшает способности у мужчин, как у женщин."
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https://legalfling.io/ "Get explicit about sexual consent Powered by LiveContracts.io ● Secured in the Blockchain "
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https://www.rbc.ru/society/09/01/2018/5a5506e49a7947ae849f53b3 "Актриса Катрин Денев и еще около 100 известных французских женщин осудили кампанию, направленную против сексуальных домогательств, распространившуюся в результате скандала и обвинений вокруг кинопродюсера Харви Вайнштейна. Свое мнение Денев и ее единомышленницы изложили в специальной колонке для французского издания Le Monde. «Изнасилование — это преступление. Но настойчивые или бестактные ухаживания — нет», — говорится в нем. «Это стремление отправлять «свиней» на скотобойню вместо того, чтобы помогать женщинам становиться более независимыми, фактически играет на руку врагам сексуальной свободы», — говорится в колонке. Ее авторы считают, что данная кампания является пуританством, а право мужчин «приставать к женщинам» является неотъемлемой частью сексуальной свободы. «Этот (творимый онлайн) самосуд наказывает мужчин, вынуждает некоторых из них уйти в отставку, хотя все, что они сделали, — это коснулись чьего-то колена, пытались получить поцелуй или поговорить на интимные темы во время обеда», — подчеркивают Денев и ее соратницы. «Мы защищаем право приставать, это жизненно важно для сексуальной свободы», — указывают они."
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https://arbat.dreamwidth.org/924391.html "73. Феминистические профессора продолжают искать способ исправить науку. Недавно Laura Parson, профессор Auburn University, и Casey Ozaki, преподаватель педагогики в University of North Dakota поняли, что вся проблема в том, что наука чересчур ценит разные "мужские" ценности, каковыми они сочли "умение задавать хорошие вопросы", "способность к абстрактному мышлению, и рациональный мыслительный процесс", "независимость мышления" и так далее. С их точки зрения, все эти требования ориентированы на студентов мужчин. 74. И еще - научно-технические специальности требуют больших затрат времени, а это тоже мешает успеху женщин, поскольку такие курсы ориентированы на мужской идеал работы в течение многих часов."
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https://arbat.dreamwidth.org/921389.html?thread=47308333#cmt47308333 "Мне моя б.одноклассница как-то призналась по ICQ, что, когда мы классе в 8-9 их лапали, ей (в отношении меня) это очень нравилось и она была не прочь продолжить это дело в more private setting. И чего ты молчала 30+ лет назад???"
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https://twitter.com/Dangerous_Troll/status/943090373026390019 “I’m so sorry that bad man touched you inappropriately... Let’s wait 30 years until he runs for office against a Democrat before we say something”
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А пока от девушки требуется подтверждать согласие каждые пять минут юридически значимым способом во время, а также в течение 10 лет после процесса http://www.newsru.co.il/health/28nov2017/robot444.html "Канадские ученые предвидят в ближайшем будущем появление новой сексуальной ориентации – "цифросексуалы" (digisexuals), то есть люди, которые будут удовлетворять свои сексуальные потребности исключительно за счет технологий и виртуальной реальности. Доклад на эту тему опубликован в научном журнале Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. "Можно с уверенностью сказать, что наступила эра виртуального секса с эффектом погружения" – приводит слова профессора Нила Маккартура, директора Центра прикладной и профессиональной этики в Университете Манитобы, информационное агентство РИА Новости. По его словам, развитие технологий приведет к тому, что множество людей предпочтут роботов живым партнерам. "Нет никаких сомнений в том, что секс-роботы на подходе. Люди начнут налаживать связи со своими партнерами-роботами, которых будут изготавливать на заказ, чтобы удовлетворять желания клиентов и делать вещи, которые другие люди не могут или не хотят делать", – констатирует Маккартур. Исследователи призывают практикующих врачей понять природу "цифросексуальности" и быть готовыми к работе с такими клиентами. По мнению авторов, описываемое ими явление может привести к проблемам в отношениях и разводам, а также к усилению чувства вины и стыда. Как сообщал Фонд ответственной робототехники (FRR), в ближайшее время секс-роботов начнут использовать в домах престарелых, а также для "помощи" парам, практикующим отношения на расстоянии. Пока таких роботов производят всего четыре компании, однако эксперты предполагают, что в ближайшие десятилетия эта тенденция может широко распространиться. Как отмечает основатель FRR, почетный профессор робототехники и искусственного интеллекта в Университете Шеффилда Ноэль Шарки, сейчас использование роботов и кукол считается сексуальной девиацией, и неясно, изменится ли это в будущем."
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