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А помните, как все шутили (особенно феминистки и феминисты), что ужасы западного феминизма и SJW это что-то далёкое и постили мем про Барнаул, Алтайский край? Нате, приехали: https://t.me/whalesgohigh/3791 "Тем временем наша любимая рубрика "феминизм как новое викторианство". В Барнауле выпустили крафтовое пиво, где на этикетке пряник в виде кляпа (https://tjournal.ru/irl/90324-pivovarnya-v-barnaule-pomestila-devushku-s-klyapom-na-etiketku-piva-ufas-ustroilo-opros-naskolko-eto-oskorbitelno). А затем, как метко написали в пивоварне, "люди называющие себя феминистками" пожаловались в ФАС на оскорбительную рекламу. Там еще показательный комментарий: Сексуальные практики могут быть любые, а реклама не должна использовать сексуализированные женские образы, в которых женщина — объект, вещь. Потому что реклама адресована широкому кругу людей, а не только бдсмщикам, которые, кстати, ограничивают свои практики чёткими правилами и не выносят их в социум. Ничего не поминает? Конечно, это старое-доброе "не выпячивайте", которое консервативные граждане традиционно адресуют ЛГБТ-сообществу: дескать, занимайтесь дома чем хотите, но на улицу с прайдами ни-ни. Там ведь люди увидеть могут, дети сопливые особенно. В общем, если хотите запрещать людям секс и все, что связанно с сексом, но религиозно-консервативная платформа вас при этом не устраивает - добро пожаловать в прогрессивное движение, там теперь тоже так можно."
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Удивительно, как они справились без ТОС "Буратино". Интересно, что из 13 случаев 4 случая, когда женщина защитила себя, и 2 случая, когда мужчины защитили женщину. Куда смотрят феминистки? Если бы они занимались не фигнёй, а вооружением о обучением оружию женщин, счёт был бы практически равным: https://fee.org/articles/13-times-in-february-armed-citizens-intervened-to-stop-crimes/ "Last month, we documented some extraordinary examples from January of armed citizens relying on their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and others. We pointed out that these were average, everyday Americans who were just going about their lives. They did not go looking for evil but were nonetheless prepared to deal with the evil that found them. February has produced even more evidence that the fundamental right to keep and bear arms is not an anachronism that no longer deserves constitutional protection, but a vital tool safeguarding individual liberty. Studies routinely indicate that every year, Americans use their firearms in defense of themselves or others between 500,000 and 2 million times. Very few of these defensive gun uses receive national publicity—if they receive publicity at all. Below, we’ve highlighted just a handful of the many times during the month of February that law-abiding Americans demonstrated the importance of the Second Amendment. Feb. 2: A restaurant owner in Akron, Ohio, scared off a masked man who attempted to rob him with a knife. The man fled, and police believe he successfully robbed a different restaurant just hours later. Feb. 5: A Nashville, Tennessee, woman was attacked from behind by a would-be purse thief, who proceeded to repeatedly slam the woman’s head into a wall when she resisted him. The woman’s husband heard her cries for help and came to her defense, firing his gun at the thief and causing him to flee..."
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Тем временем движение противодействия феминизму крепнет и уже собирает деньги на адвоката для лживо и по-советски обвинённого в изнасиловании Вика Миньоны (голос Кроу в RWBY) https://www.gofundme.com/vic-kicks-back "Vic Mignogna spent the past two decades building a career as a voice actor. He worked with great people, made great friends, and represented great companies. Over the past month, all of that work and goodwill was maliciously and brutally destroyed by a dedicated group hell-bent on dragging his name and reputation into oblivion. This capped off with hurtful allegations from people Vic has worked with, and considered friends, for many years. Now Vic has been removed from Rooster Teeth and Funimation, and disinvited from several conventions, disconnecting him from his income and from his fans and supporters. Vic has tried to mitigate the situation with public statements, and the attacks on him and his character persist. Anyone who knows Vic knows he would never ask for this, and does not want this course of action. When your opponents leave you no choice, you eventually have to kick back. This Fund is set up for Vic's legal defense fees. There are MANY possible defendants in different jurisdictions, from boring bloggers to multi-million, even multi-billion dollar corporations. It takes an agile and experienced (read: not cheap) legal team to coordinate this kind of strategy. I AM NOT REPRESENTING VIC IN A LEGAL CAPACITY, but I am aware of the team who is and will coordinate this fund to pay for Vic's legal fees. Litigation costs are highly dependent on the actions of your opponents, so I'm hoping to raise enough to account for that. We will announce the disposition of any extra funds candidly and provide updates on the usage of funds to the extent that such information can be made public. You know Vic, whether you've supported Vic for years, or just recently found out about his situation, you know he'd never ask for this. That's why I am doing this and he is not involved. He is thankful for prayers and support but, in my professional capacity as an attorney, I know this comes at significant financial cost. BUT IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK. Brigades of pseudo-anonymous keyboard warriors cannot be allowed to defame and destroy decades of goodwill on rumor and unverifiable allegation. Companies cannot rely on non-credible accusations and devastate a career for virtue points. Help Support Vic. Help Vic Kick Back." И одна фирма решила не взбираться на идущий под откос состав феминизма, а вспомнить о презумции невиновности: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/02/fantasy-soft-stands-with-vig-mignogna-says-hes-innocent-until-proven-guilty/77366/ "“Concerning all of the allegations against Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn, we’ve decided to stand with them until we see concrete evidence of wrongdoing. To our knowledge, there are zero police reports and zero formal complaints. Until then, Vic and Todd will always have a home here at Fantasy Soft Entertainment. No matter how big or small we’ll become, we will stand up for our employees and won’t throw them under the bus. “It is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.”"
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Пересядь с иглы женского одобрения на гель для бровей: https://twitter.com/protivorechie/status/1096056729702420480 "Givenchy: публикует рекламу геля для бровей, который подходит и мужчинам, и женщинам Русские бабы:" https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzX5r7PXQAATDv1.png:orig
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А чтобы мужчины (зачем феминисткам это?) обращали внимание на жирных небритых феминисток, феминистки банят изображения и видео нормальных красивых девушек: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/02/evo-apologizes-cuts-off-stream-for-dead-or-alive-6s-mai-shinranui-ad-for-being-too-sexy/76991/ "EVO Apologizes And Cuts Off Dead Or Alive 6 Stream For Being Too Sexy During the EVO Japan live-stream on Twitch, Team Ninja and SNK announced a partnership to bring Mai Shiranui and another character from King of Fighters XIV to Dead or Alive 6. However, during the demonstration of Dead or Alive 6, EVO president Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar had the stream shut down and apologized. You can view the clip below that was on before the stream got briefly shut down. It featured the two Japanese models goofing around in between the rounds when Dead or Alive 6 producer and director Yohei Shimbori was setting up a match. The clip included the girls jiggling their butts and boobs to mimic the soft body physics in Dead or Alive 6. Shortly after this Shimbori showcased the free-cam mode in the game, zooming in on the girls’ butts while they were wearing swimsuits, as well as showcasing Nyotengu in a rather compromising position. However, the act of flirty femininity featured throughout the stream along with the free-cam shenanigans was enough to make Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar surly. The EVO head honcho thoroughly condemned the segment and recoiled at the act while apologizing to Social Justice Warriors after he had the stream temporarily shut down. In a now deleted tweet, he claimed that the promotional segment to introduce Mai Shiranui and showcase the free-cam in Dead or Alive 6 did not represent the FGC or EVO, to which plenty of people dropped into the comment section to renounce his apology, stating that he did not speak for the FGC."
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Очередная победа феминизма над разумом: https://vk.com/wall-50177168_830405 "Успехи идентити политикс не перестают удивлять: насильника посадили, он заявил о женской гендерной самоидентификации, его перевели в женскую тюрьму, где он изнасиловал ещё двоих, при обсуждении на местном LGBTQ-слёте феминистка назвала насильника "он" вместо "она" и была с позором изгнана ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I didn’t want to look at my accuser, so I sat next to him. When Patterson opened the floor, I encouraged Pipitone to speak by saying, “Ladies first.” His flimsy argument against me was as baseless as it was comical: “I don’t really feel that we have to say too much to build a case.” I would have laughed if my body hadn’t been pumping cortisol. Several queer community members claimed that differentiating sex and gender hurts their feelings. One gay man, Phillip Clark, said modern science debunked sex. I was dumbfounded. How can we be homosexual if biological sex is fake? The night continued with so much gaslighting that the room began to spin. Robert Steininger, past president of OUTLaw at Baltimore University, disagreed with the dictionary definitions of “sex” and “lesbian” that I listed in my statement. Another committee member who had just had a hysterectomy said her vulva is “masculine, and it’s a male and it’s a man.” Finally, Patterson steered the meeting towards a vote by saying, “My question for you was simply, could you in a responsible manner not publicly bring your internal language to a table of diversity?” Pipitone motioned to vote, and Clark seconded. All members present raised their hands except me. “Motion to keep Julia as co-chair?” My hand alone raised. The meeting adjourned. None of my critics would look me in the eye. https://pluralist.com/feminist-lesbian-heritage-foundation-transgender-rapist/ https://www.afterellen.com/general-news/568221-how-i-became-the-most-hated-lesbian-in-baltimore"
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Крававые буржуйские трамписты вооружившись капиталистическими правами человека мешают честным феминисткам вершить революционный суд над классовыми врагами: https://vk.com/wall-50177168_828181 "Различные активистки из движения #Metoo сделали практически все возможное, чтобы девальвировать значение таких слов, как домогательство и изнасилование. Если пару месяцев назад истории про то, как по крайне сомнительным обвинениям или даже заведомо ложным, молодым школьникам и студентам просто ломали жизни, были довольно частыми. То в последнее время этот тренд начал меняться, благодаря министру образования США Бетси Девос, которая продвигает новые изменения в Title IX- поправки, регулирующей как раз случаи сексуальных домогательств. Как только ветер начал меняться, активистки стали писать во все лево-либеральные газетенки, в основном New York Times, статейки и мнения о том как все плохо теперь будет. Так Алиссия Лидэр- активистка и выпускница юридического факультета Гарварда- жалуется, что ее якобы "насильник" не был исключен из университета и выпускался вместе с ней. Причем по обвинениям Алиссии против этого парня было инициировано расследование, но университет не нашел доказательств его вины. Тогда наша активистка пошла в суд, ну естественно, если против вас было совершено насилие, то логично подать иск против предполагаемого преступника, да? Нет, не в случае Алиссии. В суд она то пошла, но иск она подала против Гарварда. Впрочем, дело было отклонено еще на начальном этапе рассмотрения. Посетовав на то, как несправедлив мир, Алиссия пишет, что вот теперь у ее "насильника" имеется работа, а это прямая дорожка, чтобы стать Харви Вайнштейном номер 2. Так в чем эта "несправедливость"? Несправедливость эта, видимо, определенные изменения в Title IX (https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/proposed-title-ix-regulation-fact-sheet.pdf ) , которые делают крайне сложным возможность на ровном месте разрушить человеку жизнь. Вот они: 1) Право на перекрестный допрос свидетелей. 2) Право видеть доказательства, направленные против вас. 3) Прекращения практики расмотрения дел лишь одним человеком 4) Определение сексуального домогательства, в соответствии с определением в законе. 5) Определение сексуального насилия, также в соответствии с определением в законе. Самые интересные это 4 и 5 пункты, ведь определение сексуального насилия этими активистками далеко от юридического определения этих терминов. Ну и вдобавок там есть еще пункт, снимающий с образовательного учреждения ответственность за преступление, которые не лежат в плоскости образования и учебного процесса. В общем теперь, университетам и активисткам будет не так просто повесить клеймо насильника на невиновного человека. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/29/opinion/devos-sexual-assault-college-rule.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage "
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Феминизм курильщика: https://reason.com/archives/2019/01/28/the-future-is-female-and-shes "The Future Is Female. And She's Furious. Is rage the future of feminism? In October, a few days after Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice, The Washington Post published one woman's account of channeling her rage into half an hour of screaming at her husband. "I announced that I hate all men and wish all men were dead," wrote retired history professor Victoria Bissell Brown, entirely unapologetic despite conceding that her hapless spouse was "one of the good men." While Brown's piece was more clickbait than commentary, it was an extreme expression of a larger cultural moment. 'Tis the season to be angry if you're a woman in America—or so we're told. The storm of sexual assault allegations that nearly derailed Kavanaugh's confirmation was just the latest reported conflagration of female fury. The Kavanaugh drama coincided with the first anniversary of the downfall of the multiply accused Hollywood superpredator Harvey Weinstein. But this decade's wave of feminist anger had been building for several years before that—from the May 2014 #YesAllWomen Twitter hashtag, created to express women's vulnerability to male violence after woman hater Elliot Rodger went on a shooting and stabbing rampage in California, to the November 2016 election, in which the expected victory of America's first woman president was ignominiously thwarted by a man who casually discussed grabbing women's genitals. While the "female rage" narrative does not represent all or even most women, there is little doubt that it taps into real problems and real frustrations. The quest for women's liberation from their traditional subjection is an essential part of the story of human freedom—and for all the tremendous strides made in the United States during the last half-century, lingering gender-based biases and obstacles remain an unfinished business. But is rage feminism (to coin a phrase) the way forward, or is it a dangerous detour? The case for rage is made in two new books published almost simultaneously in the fall: Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger, by activist Soraya Chemaly, and Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger, by New York columnist Rebecca Traister. Traister's book is, despite its forays into the history of American feminism, very much of the current moment. It is dominated by the 2016 presidential race, the Women's March, and the #MeToo movement. Traister believes that Donald Trump's election woke the "sleeping giant" of female rage at the patriarchy. (Along the way, she seems to suggest that pre-2016 feminism was a mostly "cheerful" kind, with a focus on girl power and sex positivity—an account that airbrushes not only #YesAllWomen but many other days of rage on feminist Twitter and on websites such as Jezebel.) She wants women to hold on to this anger and channel it into a struggle for "revolutionary change," rather than to move on and calm down in deference to social expectations. "Our job is to stay angry…perhaps for a very long time," Traister warns darkly. Rage Becomes Her provides a broader context for this anger. Chemaly, the creator of that #YesAllWomen hashtag, sets out to count the ways sexist oppression continues, in her view, to permeate the lives of women and girls in America. Her indictment includes inequalities in school and at work, ever-present male violence, rampant and usually unpunished sexual assault, the sidelining of women in literature and film, male-centered sexual norms, subtle or overt hostility toward female power and ambition, and a variety of petty indignities, from "mansplaining" to catcalls to long bathroom lines. Like Traister, Chemaly sees women's long-suppressed anger as a necessary driver of change.[...]"
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Феминизм здорового человека: https://www.libertarianism.org/columns/feminism-does-not-demand-collectivism "Feminism Does Not Demand Collectivism by Elizabeth Nolan Brown Libertarian feminists offer a thoroughly individualist version of feminist thought rather than the common collectivist understanding. Collectivism: the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it Individualism: a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control “But…isn’t feminism collectivist?” As a self-proclaimed libertarian feminist, that’s a question I’m confronted with frequently—and not without some good reason. After all, libertarianism is a political philosophy concerned with maximizing individual liberty, while feminism in its most prevalent form today tends to be heavy on groupthink, government solutions, and prioritizing an alleged greater good over freedom of expression, free association, and personal autonomy. Yet there’s nothing inherent in feminist philosophy and activism that says it has to be this way. Throughout the history of modern feminist movements, tensions have arisen between individualist or libertarian feminists and their counterparts of more collectivist and socialist bents. Within these divisions lie disagreements that are prone to plague many movements. Consider a set of related questions: Should social change come from voluntary action or top-down tactics? Can we count on spontaneous order and markets to produce equitable conditions for different groups of people? What is the end goal, actually—equality of opportunity or equality of outcomes? How much should identity matter under the law? Feminists have also been long divided over questions of womanhood and manhood, femininity and masculinity. Consider another set of questions: Is biology destiny? Are ladies from Venus and men from Mars? Is gender a construct? A binary? Will boys be boys? Can women “have it all?” To libertarian feminists, the first set of questions is simple. The only way true social change can happen is without the use of government force—i.e., by changing hearts and minds, rather than changing the laws. In policy terms, our goals are to tear down state-sanctioned sexism where it still exists—whether that sexism seems to benefit men or women more—and advocate for systems where sex and gender are irrelevant to how one is treated by agents of the state. Equality of outcomes is an okay thing to desire but not an okay thing to accomplish through legislative fiat (from a moral or practical perspective). While often framed as well-intentioned attempts to correct for historic discrimination, trying to officially give women a “leg up” over men only winds up enshrining a separate-but-equal status under the law—a status that will backfire against women ultimately. Considering all of this, our answers to the second set of questions are somewhat irrelevant. Sure, individual libertarian feminists might have strong and differing opinions on them. But when we get the state out of sex and gender, we rightly return these topics to the realms of science, philosophy, business, religion, and personal relationships.[...]"
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Проклятые мизогинистские литералли Гитлеры расстреливают угнетённых женщин_ок: https://breaking911.com/just-in-ariz-homeowner-opens-fire-shoots-4-home-invasion-suspects-killing-woman-sheriff/ "YUMA, Ariz. – On Thursday, January 3, 2019, at 1:38 a.m., the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 3800 block of East County 18 ½ Street in reference to a home invasion. Upon arrival, deputies learned that the home occupants had been woken up by noises outside of their home and unknown subjects attempting to gain entry into their home. The subjects made entry into the home and during the process of the home invasion and burglary, an occupant of the home fired several rounds, striking all four of the subjects. Subject 1: Edith Guerrero, 36, of Somerton, was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center with a gunshot wound and later flown to a Phoenix area hospital. Subject 2: Jaden James, 18, of Mesa, AZ, was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center with a gunshot wound. Subject 3: Leonardo Gonzalez, 27, of Yuma, self-transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center and was later flown to a Phoenix area hospital. Subject 4: Jessica Aynes, 28, of Yuma, was pronounced deceased at Yuma Regional Medical Center. Next of kin has been notified."
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Очередная победа союза феминизма и Медузы: https://t.me/whalesgohigh/3677 "​​Как раз недавно писал, что SJW-редакция феминизма и #metoo порождают феномен "нового викторианства", в рамках которого отношения мужчин и женщин признаются опасными, обрастают кучей ограничений и формальностей. И вот пожалуйста - прогрессивное издание рапортует о новых правилах общения М и Ж. "Не оставаться наедине", "не звать на обеды", "встречаться только в присутствии маменьки или гувернантки". В общем, в 19-ом веке бы, наверняка, одобрили. Прогрессизм обращается в консерватизм, лихо приложив подковой по лбу своих сторонников." https://telegra.ph/file/c2963d24d446a5e7621f6.jpg
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://www.dailywire.com/news/38839/transgender-woman-sues-chicago-banning-nude-hank-berrien "Transgender Woman Sues Chicago For Banning Nude Performance A transgender woman in Chicago named Bea Sullivan-Knoff is suing the city because it won’t permit a performance in which Sullivan-Knoff, 26, would perform nude in places that serve liquor. Sullivan-Knoff believes that the fact that men can go bare-chested but women cannot is an imposition, but it’s more than that; Sullivan-Knoff also wants to challenge how “female breasts” should be defined when one is transgender and if laws based on binary gender should be applied to gender-non-conforming people. She said in 2016, "They don't define what 'female' [breast] means. As soon as you look at anyone in the trans or intersex community, it can throw a wrench in a seemingly straightforward and simple statement. . . If a trans woman has undergone hormone replacement therapy, and hasn't done documentation to change [legal] gender, then is it a male breast? I don't think they have had to consider it before..."
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://www.dailywire.com/news/38105/transgender-woman-files-human-rights-complaints-amanda-prestigiacomo "Transgender Woman Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women For Refusing To Wax His Male Genitalia The male-to-female transgender individual claims he was discriminated against. Sixteen Canadian women have had human rights complaints filed against them by a male-to-female transgender individual for alleged "gender identity" discrimination after they refused to wax his male genitalia. John Carpay, a lawyer and the president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, is representing two of the women who are being targeted by the complainant, who is referred to only as "JY." In accordance with an order from the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the transgender individual must be kept anonymous. "In recent months, JY approached 16 Vancouver-area female estheticians who only serve women, requesting a 'Brazilian' bikini wax on his groin area," revealed Carpay on Tuesday. "In spite of the fact that JY is able to obtain a Manzilian in Vancouver, JY has filed 16 complaints against these women at the BC Human Rights Tribunal, claiming discrimination on the basis of 'gender identity.'" The female estheticians in question only serve women and do not offer so-called "Manzilians" — the male equivalent to a Brazilian wax. "The procedure for providing a man with a 'Manzilian' is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique," noted the lawyer."
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Центральный Комитет Международной Феминистической Организации™ негодует и просит сдать партбилеты: https://twitter.com/monaeltahawy/status/1060144528366166016 "White women: footsoldiers of the patriarchy. Brian Kemp: 76% Ted Cruz: 59% Ron DeSantis: 51%"
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Новые открытия гендерных наук: https://pp.userapi.com/c848636/v848636897/b160f/_3_gKUXpMy0.jpg
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Очередная победа феминизма? А не, это крававые мизогинистские трамписты: https://www.newsweek.com/teenager-daughter-forest-city-north-carolina-rutherford-county-boyfriend-1072288 "15-Year-Old Who Learned Gun Safety from Late Father Defends Mother by Shooting, Killing Boyfriend As He Choked Her In a matter of two gunshots, a teenage daughter neutralized a convicted maniac who was strangling her mother and saved her siblings from harm. The 15-year-old girl defended her mom and two siblings minutes past midnight last Wednesday inside their Lakeview Drive home in Forest City, North Carolina, by firing two rounds and striking 46-year-old Steven Kelley twice in the chest, Rutherford County Sheriffs and the District Attorney’s Office confirmed in a release of the incident. After reviewing the evidence in the homicide, the release goes on, prosecutors cleared the girl and ruled the "shooting justified" and declared that "no charges will be filed." A relative told Newsweek that it was thanks to the girl’s father, who imparted to her and her siblings safe gun-handling techniques before losing to a bout of cancer in 2017. “Her dad, when he was healthy, he taught them the respect for guns and how to use them,” the relative, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “She wasn’t an avid user of guns, but she did enough to feel comfortable.” The hero didn’t flinch that night. The mother’s boyfriend, Kelley, was attacking her again. This time, he was choking her and shouting “he was going to cut her throat" and “kill everyone in the house,” the release states. The mom’s quick-thinking 12-year-old son dashed to grab a gun. Then, the 15-year-old daughter “took the gun from her brother and fired it twice,” felling Kelley, according to the release. Kelley, who hailed from Indiana, was pronounced dead on arrival as a result of gunshot wounds, the authorities said."
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Совсем забыл про эксперта по Латинской Америке и ненастоящей™ феминистки, статья написана до победы Болсонару: https://www.kittysanders.com/4914 "Много вопросов у прогрессивной общественности вызывает позиция Болсонару по образованию: он категорически против гендерного образования в его нынешнем виде, против квот в университетах и за деидеологизацию образования (школьное образование в Бразилии, да и в большинстве стран Латинской Америки, очень левое, оно сильно концентрируется на «антиимпериалистическом» пафосе и в меньшей мере уделяет внимание собственно знаниям.) Лично я не вижу в предложении Болсонару ничего дурного: либерал-фундаментализм левой ориентации, навязывающий детям примитивные и довольно сомнительные теории, «объясняющие все секреты и тайны человеческого существа без регистрации и смс» («пол не имеет значения, есть гендер, но и его как бы нет, потому что ты его выбираешь самостоятельно, а ещё ориентация врождённая, ну возможно кроме гетеросексуальной, потому что поганые белые христианские гетеросексуальные мачистские патриархальные доминанты, топчущие всё светлое и прекрасное, вот почему»), ничем не лучше реакционерского фундаментализма, который внушает детям, что нашей планете несколько тысяч лет, динозавры и мамонты это выдумки масонов, прививки зло, а трогать себя — грех. И то, и другое формирует в детском сознании неадекватную картину мира, от которой человек будет страдать всю жизнь. В моём понимании задача системы образования — социализировать ребёнка, дать ему адекватную картину мира и уменьшить количество ошибок и страданий, через которые ему предстоит пройти. А не экспериментировать над ним, втюхивая доверчивому маленькому созданию какой-то злобный революционный и болезненно сексуализированный бред, разведённый вдобавок феминистскими неврозами, после которого выпускник школы будет всю жизнь страдать от социальной неадаптированности, тревоги и депрессии. Подросткам на самом деле интересно сексуальное образование. Но, если им оказывать ненавязчивую поддержку, они сами разберутся в своей ориентации, а когда им понадобится помощь взрослых — важно, чтобы они обратились к нормальным взрослым, а не к тем, кто выдаст им тираду про Че Гевару как образец для подражания, «учение Маркса-Энгельса, которое объясняет вообще всё, включая проблемы взаимоотношения полов», а также про тяжёлое положение меньшинств, которые не ходят на митинги и парады. Нормальное сексуальное образование должно включать в себя доброжелательный, терпеливо проработанный, специально составленный под детей курс базовых медицинских, гигиенических, философских и культурологических знаний, изложенный нормальным живым языком, который поможет ребёнку самостоятельно определиться с самоидентификацией любой сложности, от сексуальной до субкультурной, избавит от нежелательных беременностей в раннем возрасте, а заодно и от риска ЗППП. Причём эта информация должна подаваться не «сверху вниз», а через диалог, в котором лектор играет роль «первого и самого опытного среди равных», когда подростки настолько доверяют лектору, что забрасывают вопросами, в т.ч. такими, которые, наверное, не стали бы озвучивать в другой ситуации. Также этот курс должен содержать часть об уважении и взаимопонимании, но поданную не слащаво и в духе ток-шоу о проблемных детях, а живо, резко, в связи с границами и инаковостью Другого, межсубкультурной коммуникацией и самообороной (физической и психологической.) Всё это должен доносить адекватный учитель — желательно молодой, разбирающийся в субкультурах (а лучше бывший их частью), мемчиках и юморе, и при этом удерживающийся от политизации того контента, который он выдаёт слушателям. Это сложно. Но это и есть настоящие образование и воспитание, как я их вижу. А бесцеремонное впихивание в головы какой-то «объясняющей всё» теории подросткам и детям, да ещё и со стукаческими угрозами за неверие в эту теорию («ваш ребёнок допускал нетерпимые высказывания, есть подозрение, что в вашем доме царит нездоровая атмосфера и недостаточно внимательно относятся к проблемам меньшинств, мы пришлём соцработника, он вас проверит») — абсолютно недопустимо. Жаир Болсонару в данном вопросе предсказуемо выступает как консерватор, не желающий допускать централизованной пропаганды каких-либо идеологий (левых, правых, центристских) в школах и отстаивающий право на детство."
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Очередная победа феминизма? А нет, это крававый мизогинистский Трамп хочет расколоть женское движение: https://twitter.com/tictoc/status/1058846357111427073 "For the first time in U.S. history a woman will lead the largest command in the army"
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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