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УНЯНЯ. У нас есть немножечко инфы об этом пользователе. Мы знаем, что он понаписал, порекомендовал и даже и то и другое сразу. А ещё у нас есть RSS.
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Mini Yuri Completed. Как-то слишком мало. И шуток сюда убойных не завезли. 7/10.
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Очередная победа феминизма: "TRANS ROW Police investigating ‘hate crime’ after transgender woman turned down for porn role ‘because she has a penis’ COPS are investigating a "hate crime" after a transgender woman was turned down for a porn role "because she has a penis". Ria Cooper, 25, who became Britain's youngest trans person when she transitioned 10 years ago, says an anonymous photographer messaged her saying he wanted them to have sex on camera and sell the resulting porno. But when he found out Ria still has male reproductive organs he immediately retracted the offer. In messages exchanged over WhatsApp, the photographer claimed he couldn't work with her because "she has a c***". 'TRANSPHOBIC' Ria has hit out at the "transphobic behaviour" and says she's being unfairly discriminated against in her modelling career. The woman from Hull, East Yorks., has reported the comments to Humberside Police, which is investigating the incident as a hate crime."
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Ага, я всё понял. Просто все, кто выступает против частной собственности — животные, а не люди: "Property Rights Are What Separate Humans from the Animal Kingdom As Adam Smith noted, dogs do not have property rights, as do humans. As someone who has studied public policy for decades, I have frequently been struck by how many people are so committed to their favorite ism or “answer” on an issue that they will ignore powerful contradictory analysis and evidence that is only a couple easy keystrokes away, or even when it is right in front of them. A good example of this willful ignorance is the frequency with which opponents of capitalism reiterate dog-eat-dog, “survival of the fittest,” and jungle as descriptors when they open their cornucopia of calumny. [...] Massive Expansion of Output Animals’ absence of any rights beyond their own ability to deter others’ invasions means they do not have private property rights protections that Herbert Spencer described as “an insistence that the weak shall be guarded against the strong,” and John Locke called the reason “man…is willing to join in society.” Ignoring why people unite in society is a pretty big difference to ignore in equating capitalism to the jungle. Animals’ absence of exchange and the production for others creates a zero-sum world in which what one wins, the other loses. Competition restricted to such circumstances can indeed be a vicious, do-or-die struggle. But that is not the competition of markets. That is the competition of war, in which governments compete to override the rights that other governments try to guarantee for their citizens against invasion."
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Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! 02. Вся суть:
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@Goren на заметку: "About This Game Yuri Visual Novel The Expression Amrilato is a girl-meets-girl yuri visual novel. This visual novel is for people who: Enjoy subtle love-like feelings between girls. Have an intellectual curiosity for learning. Just like watching cute girls having fun. Are willing to take in a touching story that will probably make you cry. [...] In-depth Alternate World Language In "The Expression Amrilato", the main character is lost in an alternate world where Juliamo (which in the real world is Esperanto, an existing constructed language) is the official spoken language. Therefore, while enjoying a story between cute girls, you can also learn language of Esperanto! The text in this game has been officially supervised by the National Esperanto Association in Japan. You additionally might be able to learn some Japanese through the Japanese version included in the package, and Chinese is planned for the future!"
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Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu! 01 Семь Мери-сью ОЯШей в исекае. Сможет ли это аниме пробить дно и выйти с другой стороны шкалы?
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Rifle Is Beautiful 01. Милые девочки мило стреляют из милы^W световых винтовок:
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Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! 01. Вот, правильный исекай. CGDCT, напоминающий Endro~! (опять потеряли вора). Наномашины. Колоритные злодейки.
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Очередная победа китайского феминизма: "Reddit Bans Loli Subs, New Game! Anime Sub For Featuring ‘Suggestive Content Involving Minors’ Back on December 14th, 2018 Reddit banned the sub-reddit community Lolicons Unite for containing “sexually suggestive content of minors”. Well, several more communities themed around loli characters and animes have been banned, some of which contained lewd content and others that didn’t. According to Kotaku In Action, this comes from a new rule that Reddit is enforcing to ban certain sub-reddits. Hence, Reddit administrators have continued the crackdown on the lolicon communities after enforcing the policy about prohibiting sexual or suggestive content featuring fictional minors, which is available on the Reddit Help page, where it states… [...] Some people have claimed that this is a crackdown on loli content to comply with FOSTA/SESTA, but that relates to communications oriented around sex-related solicitation and not fictional material. A few people suggested that Reddit, like Valve, is simply cracking down on potentially illegal material. For Reddit’s case that could be a possibility, but in Valve’s case they still host fictional pornographic material featuring underage characters. Some have shopped around the theory that this is in lieu of Tencent looking to purchase more stake in Reddit, as reported by The Motley Fool. There’s a running theory that since China has very strict censorship laws, Reddit is slowly starting to clean up some of its NSFW content, including lolicon communities. This theory was put forward over on the Visual Novels sub-reddit by Bonesy from Top Hat Studios."
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Спасём лучшего российского ведущего от тлетворного Запада: "Facciamo appello al popolo italiano per rispondere al fatto che uno dei protagonisti più odiosi del regime di Putin intende ottenere la cittadinanza italiana. Quest'uomo, con la sua retorica aggressiva, ha indotto molti giovani a unirsi ai ranghi delle unità militari private e condurre una guerra fratricida in paesi come Ucraina e Siria. Molte di queste persone hanno perso la vita e hanno tolto la vita agli altri. Inoltre, come leader dei canali televisivi e radiofonici statali, cioè conducendo le sue attività con i soldi dei contribuenti, insulta il popolo russo, avvelenandolo, intensificando l'isteria militare, molto spesso rivolgendo a loro insulti personali. Le sue dichiarazioni sono piene di xenofobia ed estremismo, e rimanendo impunito a causa della sua vicinanza al regime dittatoriale di Putin."
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Kandagawa Jet Girls 01. Вся суть в одном скриншоте Ещё вспомнились гонки на двухместных мотоциклах.
#J56LYB (0+8) / @o01eg / 7 дней назад "Маньяк Чикатило. Расстрелян Кравченко. За серийные убийства Фефилова расстрелян Хабаров, расстреляли бы Титова, но он умер в тюремной больнице после ареста и пыток. Дело Витебского душителя. Расстрелян Тереня, пока ловили Михасевича приговоры получили 14 человек. Можем повторить?"
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Очередная победа Путина, Газпрома и Северного Потока 2 над кровавым Трампом: "The huge, proposed new fossil gas terminal in Göteborg has been denied its final permit and will not be built because of the climate crisis. Activism works. So act! #folkmotfossilgas #WeWonGothenburg"
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Null Peta 02. Сопротивление бесполезно.
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Houkago Saikoro Club 02. Западные игры показывают как есть, а вот оригинальным японским Weiss Schwarz, Pokemon и ещё одной не повезло:
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No Guns Life 01. Нуарный киберпанк - это что-то редкое.
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Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo 01-02. Деконструкция гаремника: гарем есть только у "сына маминой подруги". Отсылка как бы намекает на ГГ.
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai! 01. Продолжаем смотреть комедийный гаремник. П - предсказуемость:
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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