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УНЯНЯ. У нас есть немножечко инфы об этом пользователе. Мы знаем, что он понаписал, порекомендовал и даже и то и другое сразу. А ещё у нас есть RSS.
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Обосраться, а не язык: https://blog.twitch.tv/en/2019/04/10/go-memory-ballast-how-i-learnt-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-heap-26c2462549a2/ "The ballast in our application is a large allocation of memory that provides stability to the heap. We achieve this by allocating a very large byte array as our application starts up:"
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О, ещё и спин-офф вышел: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlahNrlcgS4
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https://www.reddit.com/r/battletech/comments/aphcw1/new_to_tabletop_a_few_questions_from_a_newbie/ "I usually spend about an hour resolving one turn in a 4v4. I play a little faster than my opponent. We played 7 turns in 6 hours." Ну этот Баттлтек нафиг, Серп и то проще.
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Понасмотрятся своих аниме в кинотеатрах, а потом пистолеты на улице находят: https://lenta.ru/news/2019/11/19/teens/ "По данным следствия, ученики 8 класса одной из школ Санкт-Петербурга решили совершить разбойное нападение. Они разработали план преступления и нашли самодельный самозарядный пистолет." "По данным издания, задержанные школьники были поклонниками аниме с эротическим уклоном."
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"From: Bitcoin Vault <bitcoin.vault.official@gmail.com> Hi James We have just talked on Skype. We have setup access point to your private Bitcoin wallet. You can now access it via SSH. I recommend Putty to access remote wallet. Here are the details: ssh: username: james75 password: s9Us03jG6d8 Don&#39;t hesitate to reach out to us, if you have any questions. Regards, Mark Private Bitcoin Vault"
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Tenki no Ko completed. А не было бы у Ходаки ствола, всё бы закончилось иначе. 9/10
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Даже Навальный всё понял: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHyDaGX7og4
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hw ?
Что нынче по НЖМД на 750 ГБ..1 ТБ?
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://babylonbee.com/news/motorcycle-that-identifies-as-bicycle-sets-world-cycling-record "Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record NEW YORK, NY—In an inspiring story from the world of professional cycling, a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist has crushed all the regular bicyclists, setting an unbelievable world record. In a local qualifying race for the World Road Cycling League, the motorcyclist crushed the previous 100-mile record of 3 hours, 13 minutes with his amazing new score of well under an hour. Professional motorcycle racer Judd E. Banner, the brave trans-vehicle rider, was allowed to race after he told league organizers he&#39;s always felt like a bicyclist in a motorcyclist&#39;s body. "Look, my ride has handlebars, two wheels, and a seat," he told reporters as he accepted a trophy for his incredible time trial. "Just because I&#39;ve got a little extra hardware, such as an 1170-cc flat-twin engine with 110 horsepower, doesn&#39;t mean I have any kind of inherent advantage here." Banner also said he painted the word "HUFFY" on the side of his bike, ensuring he has no advantage over the bikes that came out of the factory as bicycles."
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Hazbin Hotel (Pilot) "Please, don&#39;t sing. This is serious." This isn&#39;t fucking Disney. https://i.juick.com/photos-1024/2954707.png
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Шах и мат, мизогинисты! https://twitter.com/TitaniaMcGrath/status/1186681785813475328 "Misogynists always claim that men are better than women at sports. But if that’s the case, how come cyclist Rachel McKinnon only started winning gold medals *after* she transitioned?"
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai! 03 Ну хоть кто-то не в гареме у ГГ. https://i.juick.com/photos-1024/2954238.jpg
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Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! 03. Кажется, AOTS обозначился: https://i.juick.com/photos-1024/2954206.png
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https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/not-equal "Some white supremacists have adopted the mathematical sign "≠" (Not Equal or Not Equal To) as a white supremacist symbol. The use of this symbol is an attempt to claim that different races are not equal to each other (and to imply that the white race is superior)."
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Mini Yuri Completed. Как-то слишком мало. И шуток сюда убойных не завезли. 7/10. https://i.juick.com/photos-1024/2954002.png
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10162480/police-transgender-woman-investigate-porn/ "TRANS ROW Police investigating ‘hate crime’ after transgender woman turned down for porn role ‘because she has a penis’ COPS are investigating a "hate crime" after a transgender woman was turned down for a porn role "because she has a penis". Ria Cooper, 25, who became Britain&#39;s youngest trans person when she transitioned 10 years ago, says an anonymous photographer messaged her saying he wanted them to have sex on camera and sell the resulting porno. But when he found out Ria still has male reproductive organs he immediately retracted the offer. In messages exchanged over WhatsApp, the photographer claimed he couldn&#39;t work with her because "she has a c***". &#39;TRANSPHOBIC&#39; Ria has hit out at the "transphobic behaviour" and says she&#39;s being unfairly discriminated against in her modelling career. The woman from Hull, East Yorks., has reported the comments to Humberside Police, which is investigating the incident as a hate crime."
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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