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украинство -- это бесплодные идеи и безродные фамилии
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Госдума приняла законопроект о запрете тарасперехода
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Тем временем доблестная расчлениградская милиция напомнила страдающим от эскапизма анимешникам, в какой прекрасное стране они живут.
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Просто комбо: https://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?p=89876#p89876 > As a transgender person and freedom activist, for me proprietary software and transphobia inflict the same psychological and emotional pain, just from different angles. > EDIT: Oh, not to mention such free software gems as "weboob", "GIMP", "GIMPLE", "assword" and others. To paraphrase PhilosophyTube, Is FSF just a bunch of white guys jerking off? https://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?p=94649#p94649 > I noticed that most people have "You may not draw my fursona without my permission" on their FurAffinity page and that screams "proprietary" to me. But what would be a legal contract/license for Free Culture fursona? https://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?p=94687#p94687 > My parents are dead. They will never accept me. Getting drunk and cutting myself are only half measures. Only suicide will prove that I'm a good kid.
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"Хорошо lockdown лесбиянка ничем не отличается от обычной женщины." https://slate.com/human-interest/2020/04/coronavirus-roommate-loneliness-sex.html "Coronavirus Diaries: I’m a Lesbian. But Since the Lockdown, I’ve Been Sleeping With My Male Roommate. The loneliness of isolation has meant that identity is less important than intimacy."
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/02/14/biologically-male-runner-to-compete-in-usa-womens-olympic-trials/ "A biologically male marathon runner who identifies as a transgender woman is set to compete in the USA Olympic trials later in February. Megan Youngren “is set to make history on Feb. 29 as the first openly transgender athlete to compete at the U.S. Olympic marathon trials,” Sports Illustrated reported. Youngren qualified for the trials after a strong performance on Dec. 8, 2019, in the California International Marathon. “People will try to put it down by saying, ‘That’s too easy because you’re trans.’ But what about the 500 other women who will qualify?” Youngren told the magazine. “There’s probably someone with the exact same story.” “I trained hard. I got lucky. I dodged injuries,” Youngren added. “I raced a lot, and it worked out for me. That’s the story for a lot of other people, too.”"
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://sun1-24.userapi.com/c206820/v206820344/571dc/21-M5Otl4QE.jpg https://www.thecollegefix.com/transgender-activists-file-bias-report-against-lesbian-crafting-group/ "Transgender activists file bias report against lesbian crafting group Last spring a newly formed crafting group began posting flyers around the University of Michigan campus seeking members. The Ann Arbor-based group, “Lez Get Crafty,” limited its membership to lesbians that wanted to “express their creative side.” But the group quickly ran into trouble. The flyers indicated Lez Get Crafty was exclusively for “lesbian Womyn-born-Womyn,” excluding transgender women born male. The group was soon reported to the University of Michigan’s “Bias Response Team” by a student offended by the membership requirements. Saying they had received “multiple complaints” from an LGBTQ rights group on campus, the student wrote that “women in our community feel targeted by this kind of exclusivity.” “It is my belief that students should not be subjectified [sic] to discriminatory language of groups such as Lez Get Crafty,” the student wrote."
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Вот если ты мэ и тебя страпонит же, то это гетеросексуальные отношения. А вот если ты мэ и тебя страпонит мэ?
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://babylonbee.com/news/motorcycle-that-identifies-as-bicycle-sets-world-cycling-record "Motorcyclist Who Identifies As Bicyclist Sets Cycling World Record NEW YORK, NY—In an inspiring story from the world of professional cycling, a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist has crushed all the regular bicyclists, setting an unbelievable world record. In a local qualifying race for the World Road Cycling League, the motorcyclist crushed the previous 100-mile record of 3 hours, 13 minutes with his amazing new score of well under an hour. Professional motorcycle racer Judd E. Banner, the brave trans-vehicle rider, was allowed to race after he told league organizers he's always felt like a bicyclist in a motorcyclist's body. "Look, my ride has handlebars, two wheels, and a seat," he told reporters as he accepted a trophy for his incredible time trial. "Just because I've got a little extra hardware, such as an 1170-cc flat-twin engine with 110 horsepower, doesn't mean I have any kind of inherent advantage here." Banner also said he painted the word "HUFFY" on the side of his bike, ensuring he has no advantage over the bikes that came out of the factory as bicycles."
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://summit.news/2019/07/22/trans-activist-organizes-topless-swimming-session-for-girls-as-young-as-12-parents-not-allowed-to-be-present/ "Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls as Young as 12, Parents Not Allowed to be Present Jessica Yaniv filed human rights complaints against fifteen female beauticians for refusing to wax her penis and balls. A trans activist who gained notoriety for attempting to force beauticians to wax their balls and penis is now arranging a swimming session for girls as young as 12 where parents will not be allowed to be present. Yes, really. Jessica Yaniv, who was born a man, has filed complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against fifteen female aestheticians for their refusal to wax her male genitalia. The controversy prompted comedian Ricky Gervais to wade into the debate. “How did we get to the point where women are having to fight for the right to choose whether they wax some big old hairy cock & balls or not? It is not a human right to have your meat & 2 veg polished,” tweeted Gervais, who was accused of “transphobia” for defending a woman’s right not to wax male genitalia. But the situation gets even more bizarre. Yaniv has now organized a “youth all bodies swim” event at the Al Anderson Memorial Pool in Langley, British Columbia. The promotional material for the event states, “Parents and/or caregivers are not permitted in the event”..."
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Очередная победа феминизма: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D_FyguDXsAAg77o.jpg:orig
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Пам'ятай! Гомофобія перетворює тебе в москаля: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D90CoQoXYAEJ-aV.jpg:orig https://twitter.com/Victor_Korb/status/1143073999380996096 "P.S. Для тех, кто всё пропустил: на последнем фото — участники сорванной украинскими силовиками провокации сторонников «традиционных ценностей», которые хотели закидать Киевский прайд презервативами с говном, ради чего соорудили целую лабораторию по переработке биотуалетов..."
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https://arbat.dreamwidth.org/1007143.html "Решил вынести в отдельный пост. Очень рекомендую посмотреть видео - транс-женщина рассказывает, что в молодости, очевидно, много общалась с "LGBTQ" группами, и они ей обещали, что консерваторы хотят отнять ее права, и хотят ее атаковать и убить, и, от страха, который ей внушили, она рассказала о переходе только близким друзьям и семье. Потом в 2016-м она перестала скрывать. Потом подошли выборы, и ей обещали, что Трамп все отнимет, все права, начисто. Она была сначала за Берни, но, когда он, после того, что с ним сделало ЦК, перестал биться, и начал помогать Хиллари, она решила, что поддерживать некого. И тут она начала замечать "токсичность" атмосферы слева, когда на нее начали наезжать, мол, как можно не поддерживать Хиллари! Она начала изучать их утверждения о Трампе, и обнаружила, что нет никаких свидетельств, что он расист, бигот или еще что-то, что они утверждают. Дальше неизбежное - ее левые друзья и родственники от нее отвернулись за то, что она не поддерживает. Просто, когда она просто высказала сомнения, мол, может, Трамп не так плох. Начались угрозы и харассмент, начали звонить ее родственникам. Ее назвали расистской, гомофобом, нацисткой и так далее. Она говорит, что бояться надо не правых, но левых. И задает совершенно правильный вопрос, первое, что должно прийти в голову, - если они так себя ведут сейчас, что же они будут делать, если получат полную власть?"
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Очередная победа феминизма на исламофобией: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-47742085 "LGBT people 'never felt more vulnerable' in Birmingham People who identify as LGBT say they have "never felt more vulnerable" in Birmingham, following protests against same-sex relationship education. Some Muslim parents have been protesting since January against the No Outsiders programme at Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock. A West Midlands Police officer said the protests did not constitute a hate crime despite coming "very close". Some members of the LGBT community were critical of the protests' policing. More than 100 people attended an open meeting on Thursday in Birmingham's gay village, the majority of whom agreed they felt increasingly threatened, anxious and frightened. Birmingham LGBT said it had recorded a rise in hate crime. However, Insp Matt Crowley said protests outside Parkfield school did not constitute a crime, despite coming "very close to that line". He said policing "hadn't been perfect" but the force took hate crime "very seriously"..."
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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