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Rust на stm32 норм если не нужен usb/ip/can?
#TQJ2EO (3+1) / @l29ah / 8 часов назад
> Представлена концепция закрепления объектов в определённой области памяти (Pinning), основанная на использовании типа std::pin::Pin‹P› и типажа (trait) std::marker::Unpin. Закрепление гарантирует, что объекты не будут перемещены и их размещение в памяти будет постоянным; Я чего-то не понимаю. Зачем пиннить память в rust'е? Там же нет moving gc чтобы перемещать объекты?
#ZK07YX (23+2) / @ndtimofeev / 194 дня назад
Великие цитаты великих людей: https://twitter.com/id_aa_carmack/status/1089286703817412608 "Coincidentally, I just started writing some rust... I find this sentiment strange; people don’t look to other languages because you can’t do something in c++, but more often because you can."
#P94P4K (0+12) / @o01eg / 222 дня назад
Не блокчейн! И вообще arm. https://moikrug.ru/vacancies/1000046253
#ZKBCHX (0+8) / @o01eg / 323 дня назад
О, clippy в стабильный компилятор завезли: https://blog.rust-lang.org/2018/09/13/Rust-1.29.html "cargo clippy Speaking of warnings, you can now check out a preview of cargo clippy through Rustup. Clippy is a large number of additional warnings that you can run against your Rust code. For example: let mut lock_guard = mutex.lock(); std::mem::drop(&lock_guard) operation_that_requires_mutex_to_be_unlocked(); This code is syntactically correct, but may have a deadlock! You see, we dropped a reference to lock_guard, not the guard itself. Dropping a reference is a no-op, and so this is almost certainly a bug. We can get the preview of Clippy from Rustup: $ rustup component add clippy-preview and then run it: $ cargo clippy error: calls to `std::mem::drop` with a reference instead of an owned value. Dropping a reference does nothing. --> src\main.rs:5:5 | 5 | std::mem::drop(&lock_guard); | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | = note: #[deny(drop_ref)] on by default note: argument has type &std::result::Result<std::sync::MutexGuard<&#39;_, i32>, std::sync::PoisonError<std::sync::MutexGuard<&#39;_, i32>>> --> src\main.rs:5:20 | 5 | std::mem::drop(&lock_guard); | ^^^^^^^^^^^ = help: for further information visit https://rust-lang-nursery.github.io/rust-clippy/v0.0.212/index.html#drop_ref As you can see from that help message, you can view all of the lints that clippy offers on the web. Please note that this is a preview; clippy has not yet reached 1.0. As such, its lints may change. We’ll release a clippy component once it has stabilized; please give the preview a try and let us know how it goes."
#RJRN61 (0+8) / @o01eg / 368 дней назад
Раст готов к аниме: https://github.com/xiph/rav1e/pull/437
#52ARTP (13+8) / @o01eg / 404 дня назад
почитал всякие циклы. Есть отличия от c++, но в целом понятно и похоже. Есть определенные странности, сделано местами "а вот тут автору было удобнее сделать так, поэтому вот вам костыль на всякий случай".
#LOYAIJ (1) / @voker57 / 447 дней назад
Японцы знают толк в языках: https://d-cube.connpass.com/event/90317/
#4UBMHQ (1+7) / @o01eg / 472 дня назад
https://blog.rust-lang.org/2018/05/10/Rust-1.26.html "At long last, impl Trait is here! This feature has been highly desired for quite a while, and provides a feature known as “existential types.” It’s simpler than that sounds, however. The core of it is this idea: ... Speaking of papercuts, since Rust uses the Result type for returning errors, and ? to make handling them easy, a common pain-point of new Rustaceans is to try and use ? in main: ... Inclusive ranges with ..= ... Another long-awaited feature is “slice patterns.” These let you match on slices similar to how you match on other data types."
#AAH45X (7+7) / @o01eg / 494 дня назад
Смотрите, я пишу на расте как на го https://play.rust-lang.org/?gist=f3a0d0b2ba4fd836364810ff01e3c59e&version=stable
#W31P3M (0) / @anonymous / 526 дней назад
https://github.com/xiph/rav1e The fastest and safest AV1 encoder.
#JCOB1X (0+7) / @o01eg / 534 дня назад

Сегодня на радио http://radio.fags.ga в 22:00 будет эфир про язык программирования Rust

#KGIXRP (0+2) / @kerrigan / 535 дней назад
Тем временем тихо и незаметно вышла новая версия 1.25, в которую вошли мои патчи чтобы Make Rust Gentoo Again! https://blog.rust-lang.org/2018/03/29/Rust-1.25.html
#GRTSG6 (1+8) / @o01eg / 537 дней назад
После 1.0 наступит стабильность, говорили они. Обратную совместимость нарушать не будут, говорили они. https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/48716
#DNVUOW (3+2) / @o01eg / 562 дня назад
dev-lang/rust: version bump to 1.23.0
#R0KZP8 (0) / @corpse / 603 дня назад
https://www.mercurial-scm.org/repo/hg/rev/964212780daf "Rust: implementation of `hg` This commit provides a mostly-working implementation of the `hg` script in Rust along with scaffolding to support Rust in the repository. If you are familiar with Rust, the contents of the added rust/ directory should be pretty straightforward. We create an "hgcli" package that implements a binary application to run Mercurial. The output of this package is an "hg" binary. Our Rust `hg` (henceforth "rhg") essentially is a port of the existing `hg` Python script. The main difference is the creation of the embedded CPython interpreter is handled by the binary itself instead of relying on the shebang. In that sense, rhg is more similar to the "exe wrapper" we currently use on Windows. However, unlike the exe wrapper, rhg does not call the `hg` Python script. Instead, it uses the CPython APIs to import mercurial modules and call appropriate functions. The amount of code here is surprisingly small. It is my intent to replace the existing C-based exe wrapper with rhg. Preferably in the next Mercurial release. This should be achievable - at least for some Mercurial distributions. The future/timeline for rhg on other platforms is less clear. We already ship a hg.exe on Windows. So if we get the quirks with Rust worked out, shipping a Rust-based hg.exe should hopefully not be too contentious."
#5QNZH2 (2+1) / @o01eg / 605 дней назад
ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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