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Subject: Linode Support Ticket <redacted> - ToS Violation - Copyright Infringement X-Mailer: Never Gonna Give You Up Support Ticket <redacted> regarding Linode &#39;<redacted> (<redacted>)&#39; has been updated by &#39;sjacobs&#39;

Hello, We have received a report of copyright-infringing materials being accessed by your Linode. We ask that you investigate this matter and update us via this ticket. If we have not heard from you within 96 hours, we will need to place network restrictions on your Linode in order to ensure no further infringing material is transmitted. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Regards, Steven J. Linode Support

The contents of the complaint are as follows:

DATE: 2018-01-11 CASE ID: <redacted>
Dear Linode: We are contacting you on behalf of The Cartoon Network, Inc. with location at: The Cartoon Network, Inc. 1050 Techwood Drive, NW Atlanta GA 30318 Under penalty of perjury we assert that IP-Echelon Pty. Ltd. is authorized to act on behalf of The Cartoon Network, Inc., who is the copyright owner and/or owner of exclusive rights in such content identified below. We have become aware that an individual has utilized the IP address <redacted> at the recorded date and time below to download, host, and/or facilitate the downloading and/or streaming of video content that is exclusively owned by The Cartoon Network, Inc.. Such unauthorized distribution of The Cartoon Network, Inc. content without the express written authorization of The Cartoon Network, Inc. constitutes copyright infringement. This conduct may also violate the laws of other countries, international law, and/or treaty obligations. We have a good faith belief that the use of the copyrighted material identified below is not authorized by The Cartoon Network, Inc., its agent, or the law. The title in question: Rick and Morty As the owner of the IP address, we request that you immediately assist in removing and disabling access to the infringing material from your network. Additionally we request that you contact the subscriber who has engaged in the conduct described above and take further steps to prevent the subscriber from unauthorized future use and sharing of The Cartoon Network, Inc. content. We state, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that we are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed herein. Nothing in this notice shall operate as a waiver of any rights, claims, or remedies available to The Cartoon Network, Inc. with respect to the infringement alleged herein. All such rights, claims, and remedies are hereby expressly reserved. We appreciate your attention to and cooperation with this notice. Please provide a prompt response specifying actions you have taken to resolve this matter. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. You may reach me via email at p2p@copyright.ip-echelon.com.

Regards, Adrian Leatherland CEO IP-Echelon Email: p2p@copyright.ip-echelon.com

Address: 7083 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
-------------- Infringement Details ----------------------------------
Title: Rick and Morty
Timestamp: 2018-01-11T06:21:07Z
IP Address:
Port: 50403
Type: BitTorrent Torrent
Hash: 19a243cf50f92be969ec47c9456dae49ba5e77ce
Filename: Rick.and.Morty.S03.1080p.WEB-DL.by.AKTEP

Filesize: 5529 MB

943336a5b6e235098f0c Open Normal The Cartoon Network, Inc. IP-Echelon - Compliance 6715 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles CA 90028 United States of America +1 (310) 606 2747 p2p@copyright.ip-echelon.com Linode abuse@linode.com 2018-01-11T06:21:07Z <redacted> <redacted> BitTorrent 1 2018-01-11T06:21:07Z Rick and Morty Rick.and.Morty.S03.1080p.WEB-DL.by.AKTEP 5797652364 19a243cf50f92be969ec47c9456dae49ba5e77ce -------------------------------------------------- Please use https://manager.linode.com/support/ticket/ https://manager.linode.com/support/ticket/9599187<redacted> to respond to this ticket. Thank you, Linode.com

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