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According to my (conspiracy?) theory, I think market manipulators are still using the high liquidity of BTC to pump and dump in a big way (along with all the other coins that seem to be in lockstep as if machines were doing the trading on all of them as a group). I too wonder when fundamentals will matter. Does not look like it will be real soon. I'm thinking the next pump will take BTC well over 50K (and most all the coins well past their all time highs). The group behind this are long-term thinkers and may do many mini-crashes along the way up (to gather massive BTC), so, this could take quite a while. The last one was years between the 1k and 20k pump. I think they plan to use BTC at least one more time. If they were not keeping it alive, it seems unlikely it would be recovering from crashing since smart money can see it lacks the fundamentals to succeed long-term. Edit: I also assume they see Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin for the future. They like BCH and they are buying whatever people want to sell while they keep it relatively cheap. If BCH was to make a price move on BTC, that might make Bitcoin look so bad it would be harder to pump it at the end, so, they may keep BTC worth around 10xBCH on purpose until they are ready for the flippening of values. A high BCH value is not super important to our use-case, so, we should be fine while they keep BTC riding high. If I am right, they can choose what coin or coins will be the worlds future currency(ies) when they let BTC die and leave their favorite(s) at the top of the pile. Adoption should keep us up there. Watch for any other coins getting their adoption ready to know if there is going to be any real currency-competition for BCH when fundamentals really start to matter to coin price/value.
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билайн - говно!
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Информация становится правдой в тот момент, когда Кремль её опровергает.
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https://youtu.be/_KxBO8XLOOA //в целом неплохо, единственное, что напрягает -- когда политологи становятся этимологами
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быдлу похуй
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Weak typing means that values can implicitly change type to fit operations performed on them. JavaScript is weakly typed: 5 + "3" will implicitly convert the string to a number and produce 8. (Haha, just kidding, it produces "53".)

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> Другие директивы остались, и их сотни, если не тысячи. В ЕС нельзя продавать пылесосы мощностью более 1600 Вт. Нельзя продавать трубочный табак, нарезанный тоньше 1,5 мм. Запрещено писать на бутылках с водой, что она помогает от обезвоживания. И, как один из последних примеров безумия, комитет Европарламента по законодательству в конце мая предложил взимать социальный налог с промышленных роботов. http://www.inliberty.ru/blog/2340-Brexit-Igra-prestolov
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19:44:46]<lynxis> L29Ah: https://ticket.coreboot.org/issues/2 19:45:06]<lynxis> Stepan: reinauer: ^ 19:46:48]<L29Ah> :* 19:47:35]<reinauer> L29Ah: can you take a stab at fixing x201? 19:50:24]<martinr> Seriously, if there are any developers who want to become a maintainer for the x201, we&#39;ll get a machine to you.
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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