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Где взять свичей для клавиатуры шоб clicky и IP67?
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Почему вдруг на ноутбуках островные клавиатуры ВНЕЗАПНО вытеснили традиционные?
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Потискал свежую юсбшную тхинкпадоклаву с новыми кнопочками. Первые пять минут после клавы x220 было непривычно, а потом придрочился и вполне норм, удобненько, сильных рвотных позывов как большинство ноутбучных островных клав не вызывает. Разве что расположение PgUp/PgDn и Home/End унылое, индикатора капслока нет и по энтеру иногда промахиваюсь. В общем норм, если бы у меня был активно юзаемый десктоп и эта хрень была бы раза в три подешевле - может бы и взял себе.
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Новый рекорд в режиме Спринт — 538 зн/мин!
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450cpm avg на йцукен

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350cpm avg на qwerty.

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I was going to ask if you have use for some trackpoints...I am sitting on a pile of 100 g81 desko boards with trackpoints, that will most likely end up in the trash.


The problem is that the full keyboards are very heavy, about 2.5kg each. I do not mind shipping them, but that is very expensive. I can also pull out the trackpoints. I would like 5€ for each Trackpoint. Shipping just trackpoints will cost 10€ maximum. Shipping several keyboards will probably cost 40€+.

Суть токова, я точно буду заказывать у него пару трекпоинтов, я заявил что заинтересован в 2-10 трекпоинтах, в зависимости от... Если кого-то интересует то несколько могу отказаться в дс.

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440 CPM AVG! Slugabed - отличная музяка для набора.
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Bernard Roseman, for example in LSD the Age of Mind, found it behooved him to become involved with the practical endeavor of typing. In detailing his system for becoming an accomplished typist through psychedelics, he emphasized the necessity for knowing the basics of the touch-system. Once this was acquired, with a fair rhythm, he offered the following advice for "drumming in" a conditioned response: Take [the drug] while typing and continue right through the transition period (where one's consciousness changes). Now here is where "will power" comes in, as you will find yourself inventing a thousand reasons why typing is useless and you could not care less about learning it. It would be so pleasant to stop and listen to a little music or just meditate. Well, if you wish to accomplish something with psychedelics that lingers on into your ordinary state, you must exert an act of will. By doing nothing but letting that state direct you, a pleasant time will be had, but little accomplished. Therefore you must continue this regime... if possible up to fourteen hours.... It will feel as if you have been typing for centuries locked in a small enclosure with but one action to perform. When the drug wears off, go to sleep. It is almost guaranteed your mind will still be seeing numbers and letters, and your fingers will jerk as they wish to automatically respond to the actions required of them. Upon awakening, go back to the typewriter. You will be amazed to see your speed and accuracy greatly improved. A force will seem to grab your hands, and your fingers will fight to obey. The typewriter is now a permanent part of you, and the impression made can never be erased.
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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