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А чтобы мужчины (зачем феминисткам это?) обращали внимание на жирных небритых феминисток, феминистки банят изображения и видео нормальных красивых девушек: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/02/evo-apologizes-cuts-off-stream-for-dead-or-alive-6s-mai-shinranui-ad-for-being-too-sexy/76991/ "EVO Apologizes And Cuts Off Dead Or Alive 6 Stream For Being Too Sexy During the EVO Japan live-stream on Twitch, Team Ninja and SNK announced a partnership to bring Mai Shiranui and another character from King of Fighters XIV to Dead or Alive 6. However, during the demonstration of Dead or Alive 6, EVO president Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar had the stream shut down and apologized. You can view the clip below that was on before the stream got briefly shut down. It featured the two Japanese models goofing around in between the rounds when Dead or Alive 6 producer and director Yohei Shimbori was setting up a match. The clip included the girls jiggling their butts and boobs to mimic the soft body physics in Dead or Alive 6. Shortly after this Shimbori showcased the free-cam mode in the game, zooming in on the girls’ butts while they were wearing swimsuits, as well as showcasing Nyotengu in a rather compromising position. However, the act of flirty femininity featured throughout the stream along with the free-cam shenanigans was enough to make Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar surly. The EVO head honcho thoroughly condemned the segment and recoiled at the act while apologizing to Social Justice Warriors after he had the stream temporarily shut down. In a now deleted tweet, he claimed that the promotional segment to introduce Mai Shiranui and showcase the free-cam in Dead or Alive 6 did not represent the FGC or EVO, to which plenty of people dropped into the comment section to renounce his apology, stating that he did not speak for the FGC."
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Ты нужен на пойнте с такими постами.
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@mad_hatter Пусть лучше поинт приходит сюда
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@o01eg Ладно, тогда я буду репостить.
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@mad_hatter Сделай ActivityPub на пойнте, будет с жуйком хотя бы работать
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@o01eg ща бы говорить что допилить и самому ничего не делать

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@o01eg Это причина активно препятствовать его запиливанию. Пусть жуйк гниёт.
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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