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УНЯНЯ. У нас есть немножечко инфы об этом пользователе. Мы знаем, что он понаписал, порекомендовал и даже и то и другое сразу. А ещё у нас есть RSS.
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хуяси gmx.com ящик удалили! несколько лет не заходил и такая залупа
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Took 4 years but we finally got quarantined. As we've said multiple times, we're not gonna wither to nothing and then eventually be banned anyhow (As no subreddit has ever been unquarantined, to our knowledge.), we're just gonna consider it a ban and close up shop. We played ball, did what the admins wanted us to when they asked (even removed jokes about catholic priests being pedophiles to comply with a ridiculous interpretation of the sexualization of minors rule that apparently includes not making jokes about Epstein or Jared the Subway guy - https://i.imgur.com/5H8Baky.png), and still got shreked. Are we annoyed? Ehh, a bit. Are we gonna nerd rage and trash our basement hovels with our replica katanas? Nah, probably not. If you're looking for more content go check out /r/againsthatesubreddits and /r/fragilewhiteredditor, They're p good sources of bigoted memes tbh. Shoutouts, in no particular order: To /r/subredditcancer, /r/watchredditdie, and every other sub like them: Seriously, why the fuck haven't you just left? To /r/the_donald: Seriously, why the fuck haven't you just left? To all the people who weren't just reposting directly from stormfront who were able to provide content to the sub and give people a laugh. When the coronavirus comes to take your life, may it be fast and painless instead of slow... To /r/darkjokes: Women's history is our history. To /u/Zarokima's soon to be ex-wife, thanks for being a lying slut. To /r/darkhumorandmemes: I put your name here just so our users would flood into your sub next. Get fucking dunked nerds. To /r/memes: Good work on having more pedophilia jokes then we ever had but never getting quarantined. And last, but not least: No, you're not getting in. We're closed. Don't message our modmail, or us. чо куда терь за мемесами ходить?
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https://youtu.be/uONBKcCjMyY?t=1944 Господи, какой же ты мразотный уёбок, блядь. "Зачем нам платить гробовые военным? Да военные еще и приедут с войны в непонятном психическом состоянии". Пиздец. Блядь. Просто пиздец. 73 года назад такого клоуна бы повели к ближайшей стене просто после вскукарека на такую тему
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нолег -- путинский вассал!
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спалите кто-нить #3V80WS плиз
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Честь вам и хвала, пидорасы!

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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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