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Учёные выяснили, что левачьё менее толерантно к чужому мнению: https://medium.com/@NoahCarl/who-doesnt-want-to-hear-the-other-side-s-view-9a7cdf3ad702 "Who Doesn’t Want to Hear the Other Side’s View? People with left-wing/liberal views are more likely to block or unfriend their ideological counterparts than those with right-wing/conservative views The day after the 2015 UK General Election, Rebecca Roache––who is now a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Royal Holloway––wrote a blog post entitled, ‘If you’re a Conservative, I’m not your friend’. She began her blog post with the following statement: One of the first things I did after seeing the depressing election news this morning was check to see which of my Facebook friends ‘like’ the pages of the Conservatives or David Cameron, and unfriend them. (Thankfully, none of my friends ‘like’ the UKIP page.) Was Ms Roache’s decision an isolated incident, or was it part of a more general tendency for people with left-wing/liberal views to block or unfriend their ideological counterparts? In an attempt to answer this question, I tracked down as many relevant surveys and polls as I could. The results are presented below. In 2012, Pew Research found that liberals were more likely than conservatives to have blocked, unfriended or hidden someone they disagreed with on social networking sites."
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