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Ничего нового, просто ещё одна страна пала от построенного социализма: https://fee.org/articles/gasoline-production-in-oil-rich-venezuela-practically-paralyzed/ "Gasoline Production in Oil-Rich Venezuela "Practically Paralyzed" The current situation is a result of abandonment, embezzlement, and massive Chavista corruption. Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves in the world, faces a shortage of gasoline of 80 percent, a situation that has kept all regions of the country on the edge of chaos. Although Venezuela has 18 refineries throughout the world and six in its national territory, today most states face a shortage of gasoline that is reflected in endless lines of cars waiting for service. Iván Freites, secretary of the Unitary Federation of Oil Workers of Venezuela (Futpv), pointed out that the endless lines at gas stations are due to low fuel production. “There is no gasoline, the production of gasoline in the country is practically paralyzed. The Amuay refinery has no product to produce…In addition, 70 percent of the gasoline produced in the country is not converted into end consumer product,” he explained. According to the representative of the oil workers, what little is produced is being exported to countries such as Cuba or China to comply with international agreements. “There was an order from Nicolás Maduro to the Minister of Petroleum, Manuel Quevedo, to send one million barrels of oil to China. They stopped the refineries and loaded the barrels. It is even more [than] the amount that they send to Cuba,” he said. He said that in Amuay, one of the country's main refineries, 70,000 barrels of oil are being produced daily when the current capacity is 1,300,000, meaning the refinery is operating at just 5.4 percent of production. The nation, which is facing a shortage of food and medicines unique to its history, has not been able to escape gasoline shortages, which affect a large part of the population and keep it paralyzed. Both private vehicles and public transport are forced to wait in long lines to access a gasoline supply that can last from four to 12 hours, depending on the region of the country. Users on Twitter report that the shortage of gasoline is mainly in the interior of the country. They report that the main affected cities are Valencia in the state of Carabobo, Maracay in the state of Aragua, Barquisimeto in Lara, and San Carlos in Cojedes..."
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