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Ага, я всё понял. Просто все, кто выступает против частной собственности — животные, а не люди: https://fee.org/articles/property-rights-are-what-separate-humans-from-the-animal-kingdom/ "Property Rights Are What Separate Humans from the Animal Kingdom As Adam Smith noted, dogs do not have property rights, as do humans. As someone who has studied public policy for decades, I have frequently been struck by how many people are so committed to their favorite ism or “answer” on an issue that they will ignore powerful contradictory analysis and evidence that is only a couple easy keystrokes away, or even when it is right in front of them. A good example of this willful ignorance is the frequency with which opponents of capitalism reiterate dog-eat-dog, “survival of the fittest,” and jungle as descriptors when they open their cornucopia of calumny. [...] Massive Expansion of Output Animals’ absence of any rights beyond their own ability to deter others’ invasions means they do not have private property rights protections that Herbert Spencer described as “an insistence that the weak shall be guarded against the strong,” and John Locke called the reason “man…is willing to join in society.” Ignoring why people unite in society is a pretty big difference to ignore in equating capitalism to the jungle. Animals’ absence of exchange and the production for others creates a zero-sum world in which what one wins, the other loses. Competition restricted to such circumstances can indeed be a vicious, do-or-die struggle. But that is not the competition of markets. That is the competition of war, in which governments compete to override the rights that other governments try to guarantee for their citizens against invasion."
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Animals’ absence of exchange and the production for others

Даже если отбросить всё остальное, всё равно хочется спросить: дядя тупой?

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