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Красная пилюля для альт-райтов: http://alt-right.com/2017/12/02/putin-cultists-we-like-multiculturalism-in-russia/ "Putin Cultists: We Like Multiculturalism in Russia After releasing my article illustrating Putin’s pro-multicultural and multiethnic policies in Russia, several Putin cultists came up with excuses to defend multiculturalism in Russia. Their main excuse was to say that Putin’s multicult was “different” than the West’s on the basis that multiculturalism occurred “naturally” in Russia, as if to say multiculturalism is good and desirable when it occurs “naturally.” Apart from being a vacuous argument, multiculturalism didn’t occur naturally in Russia anyway, unless you think conquering surrounding lands and absorbing their populations is “natural.” The result, a multi-ethnic state, is the same as importing the foreigners through immigration. Another claim, like the above tweet, was that Russia’s multicult is “cohesive” and therefore good. This is truly shocking coming from an alt-righter who would never use such an argument to justify multiculturalism in a Western country. So multiculturalism is now good when it’s “cohesive” and people get along? The same could be said to defend Canada’s multiculturalism, which doesn’t have too many problems. Moreover, it’s not even true that Russia is “cohesive” and everybody just gets along fine. Russia fought two bloody wars with Chechens over cultural and religious differences. Every few years there’s a major terrorist attack in Russia by Muslims who want to split from the federation. There have been ethnic riots in Moscow against migrants. It’s certainly no harmonious utopia. This is the best the Putin cultists could come up with, seizing on a trivial difference in how the foreign groups came to be in the country to defend Putin’s multiculturalism. They ignore completely how Putin’s regime has imported hundreds of thousands of Central Asian economic migrants, mostly Muslims, over the years. This belies their claim that all of Russia’s minorities exist there “naturally.” One could argue that migration is naturally occurring as well, so will they support mass migration on that basis? This is cult behaviour, defending and justifying things that they abhor when it happens in Western countries. This is a manifestation of extreme brainwashing. Their cult leader, Putin, cannot be criticized no matter what. Every action he takes must be rationalized by the cult because that’s what they’ve been programmed to do. I’ve noticed this behaviour many times over the years. For example, years ago I uploaded a video of Putin making a pedophilic advance on a young Russian boy, kissing his bare stomach in public. The Putin cultists are quick to label US politicians like Joe Biden pedophiles for being touchy-feely with children in public, yet when Putin is captured performing a borderline pedophilic act, it’s written off as innocent affection towards a lovable child! These people are mentally sick and degenerate. They’re victims of a KGB brainwashing cult that has ruined their ability to think critically."
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