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https://tinystash.undef.im/il/3nLb8xmn8DJfpc8ntk4K9eUdZoa6hPUQWN5aK6ug9XvPe3GxX35RUuvXXus9GJzt29thy2J3k8d93b8oXCWmEfp866JKaDMvwAQf6dBQaZV52K.jpg This woman is a president of the Holodomor Museum in Ukraine — Lesya Gasidjak. Place is a mess. 2 years ago SBU fired the previous administration and took control of the museum. Shortly after the number of Holodomor casualties ballooned up to 10.5 million - which is 35% of the entire local population back then. The number of holodomor victims grows exponentially every year — just like the obeast body of Lesya Gasdjak
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