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Продолжаю серию постов с WebAssembly-нытьём: Встроенная ванга говорит мне, что если WebAssembly наберет популярность - обязательно найдется пидор, который повторит историю Node.JS и сделает "webassembly runtime outside of browser". А потом тысячи гомогеев решат, что им это упрощает жизнь, вообще удобно, хайповенько и постмодерн. И начнут клепать WebAssembly-only приложения. Короче я ебал будующее™, но оно по крайней мере выглядит лучше чем Electron.
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Зачем это когда есть llvm?
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штилета, а почему вебня бнв не хайповая?
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@l29ah гуглабельно: LLVM IR is meant to make compiler optimizations easy to implement, and to represent the constructs and semantics required by C, C++, and other languages on a large variety of operating systems and architectures. This means that by default the IR is not portable (the same program has different representations for different architectures) or stable (it changes over time as optimization and language requirements change). It has representations for a huge variety of information that is useful for implementing mid-level compiler optimizations but is not useful for code generation (but which represents a large surface area for codegen implementers to deal with). It also has undefined behavior (largely similar to that of C and C++) which makes some classes of optimization feasible or more powerful, but which can lead to unpredictable behavior at runtime. LLVM’s binary format (bitcode) was designed for temporary on-disk serialization of the IR for link-time optimization, and not for stability or compressibility (although it does have some features for both of those). None of these problems are insurmountable. For example PNaCl defines a small portable subset of the IR with reduced undefined behavior, and a stable version of the bitcode encoding. It also employs several techniques to improve startup performance. However, each customization, workaround, and special solution means less benefit from the common infrastructure. We believe that by taking our experience with LLVM and designing an IR and binary encoding for our goals and requirements, we can do much better than adapting a system designed for other purposes. Note that this discussion applies to use of LLVM IR as a standardized format. LLVM’s clang frontend and midlevel optimizers can still be used to generate WebAssembly code from C and C++, and will use LLVM IR in their implementation similarly to how PNaCl and Emscripten do today.
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Кстати, можно заранее озаботиться созданием webassembly runtime outside of browser, поднять инфраструктуру с пакетами хуетами, а потом продать это чёрношляпым.
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@l29ah ето не можешь бороться с ебланизмом - возглавь его!
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зачем надо, если и так всем уже похуй на всё, кроме amd64 и arm?
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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