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УНЯНЯ. У нас есть немножечко инфы об этом пользователе. Мы знаем, что он понаписал, порекомендовал и даже и то и другое сразу. А ещё у нас есть RSS.
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Mad God part 3. Теперь даже живые актёры снимаются: https://i.juick.com/photos-1024/2930100.png
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https://twitter.com/bweweh/status/994435982647746561 "Trailer for my film! This semester I poured a whole lot of time into this project, and I'm hoping to finish within this year. There's still a long way to go! But I wanted to show a sneak peak, hope you all enjoy! "
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Я смотрю, Ton Roosendaal занялся очередным мультиком (теперь 2Д, даже не целшейдинг). Я так понимаю, второй серии про суицидную овцу можно не ждать?
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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kongkee/dragons-delusion-the-animated-sci-fi-project "離騷幻覺 Dragon's Delusion - The Animated Sci-fi Project The Dragon’s Delusion is a visually unique, highly stylised sci-fi story. This is not just an animation. This is an untold secret of our soul. The search for eternal life is an incessant obsession of mankind. 2000 years ago, Emperor Qin Shi Huang conquered all six Warring States. After creating the first unified Chinese empire, the Emperor devoted his energy to the search for the elixir of life. He failed ultimately, and finally resorted to building a terracotta army to accompany his burial, so that he can extend his dream of an eternal throne in his afterlife. The Dragon’s Delusion puts forward a hypothesis: if the Emperor did succeed, what would the world be like? In this story, the Emperor implements an eternal life project that seeks to merge man and machine, and successfully accomplishes an unprecedented autocracy. In a world where human beings, robots and cyborgs live alongside one another, a robot nicknamed Mr. D appeared in a port city. As he discovers within himself the soul of a priest from a past life, he starts to pursue the answer to this mystery. In the process he is drawn into the plans of an assassins’ league dedicated to the extermination of the Emperor. Mr. D must solve the mystery of the Emperor’s immortality in order to overcome all the crises and solve all the mysteries."
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Nomad of Nowhere 01. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DZK1fhHVwAAH-xe.jpg:orig Неплохо RoosterTeeth, неплохо.
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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/325175510/blossom-detective-holmes-the-animated-mini-series/ "Blossom Detective Holmes is a first of its kind independent animated mini-series filled with suspense, mystery, and action. Not a lot of anime is produced in America, so Blossom is taking the first steps to make that happen! The goal of the show is to introduce a new genre into mainstream American animation that will be based on mature topics such as crime, murder, and serious drama. This genre of animation is very uncommon in animated shows, and you can be a trendsetter by supporting Blossom Detective Holmes and bringing it to market! The first case in the series, Selfie with a Strange Intruder, begins with two teenage detectives, Skylar Holmes and her partner Jamie, as they take on the case of a suspicious robbery from their client, Mr. Edvard. Skylar and Jamie both have unique skills that make them the best in the business. Skylar has the instincts of an expert detective and a heightened sense of smell, almost hound like, that allows her to gather data through scent alone. Jamie, on the other hand, is meticulous and uses visible evidence and logic to uncover the truth. Jamie also carries a special Polaroid camera that can transport them anywhere in the world with a quick snap of the camera. The show is created, produced, and directed by Steve Ahn, a distinguished director and artist known for his work on DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender, Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and more. Steve and Team Holmes aim to make a series that will be filled with twists and turns that will leave you craving more! Blossom Detective Holmes is a crime mystery suspense genre made for an audience of young adults and up! "
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RWBY Vol 5 Completed. Без Монти уже не торт.
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А тем временем Девид Ревуа делает анимацию https://cloud.blender.org/p/spring/blog/announcing-spring
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RWBY Vol 5. 01. Что-то не то стало с анимацией.
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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roosterteeth/rwby-combat-ready/ "RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where 2-4 players join forces to take on fierce RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm! Here at Rooster Teeth, we have created great shows like Red vs. Blue, RWBY, Camp Camp, and more. We took our first step in the physical game industry in 2016 when we crowdfunded and created the party card game Million Dollars, But… The Game. This year, we’re taking a massive leap forward and trying our hand at a board game. To leap into the world of board games as strongly as possible, we needed an amazing guide and developer with us. RWBY: Combat Ready is a joint creation between Rooster Teeth and Arcane Wonders, creators of other great board games like Sheriff of Nottingham, Mage Wars, and Viral. Stories have been written, art has been drawn, and original characters have been created in every shape and form. Now you and your friends can each play as one of the four main RWBY characters. Be Ruby Rose and rise to victory with her Crescent Rose; slice and dice the Grimm as Weiss Schnee, wielding her Myrtenaster; join in and fire from afar as Blake Belladonna with her Gambol Shroud; or leap in and create massive explosions as Yang Xiao Long with her Ember Celica. We’re making RWBY: Combat Ready, but we’re not able to do this alone. We need your help. We have a game idea, basic pieces, and a board, but we still have the ability to upgrade and mold this game to fit what everyone wants. Better pieces? More creatures to fight or heroes to play as? Every pledge from you amazing Backers can help shape RWBY: Combat Ready to be a board game that RWBY fans and board game enthusiasts alike want to play. We have a super cool How to Play video coming very soon featuring the cast and crew of RWBY and RWBY: Combat Ready. RWBY: Combat Ready is an exciting cooperative game for 2-4 players. It captures the flavor and excitement of the series, with fast-paced battles where all players are actively involved and engaged at the same time. Players play as one of the four main heroines in the series: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, or Yang. Each player has their own separate deck of cards representing their attacks, actions, and moves. Each character plays a little differently, using their own unique tactics and strategies. Before each game, players choose a scenario to play from the scenario book. Each scenario will have them fighting one or more battles. Battles are against a particular villain, with a particular set of rules, and may include one or more objectives. No two battles are ever the same!"
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Mad God Part Two. Накал безумия не снижается.
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В ожидании 5 сезона... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZAS_rzgCE0
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А часики-то тикают: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/madgod/phil-tippetts-mad-god-part-3/posts/1895848 "With a day to go, you've already made our dream of funding MAD GOD Part 3 come true! Thank you, from the bottom of our bloodstained hearts. Please enjoy this behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the bounty that awaits you!"
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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/madgod/phil-tippetts-mad-god-part-3 "MAD GOD is an epic stop-motion project by legendary animator Phil Tippett, released in chapters & funded exclusively via Kickstarter. Since the early 90's, legendary animator Phil Tippett has been crafting an epic homage to the art of stop-motion. This is MAD GOD. Released in chapters, MAD GOD is gorgeous and grotesque; by turns darkly humorous, and utterly symphonic in its beautiful - often obsessive - attention to detail and to the legacy of hand-crafted animation. Without Kickstarter, this project could not exist. As we begin Chapter 3 of this intensely personal project, we once again call upon the kindness and generosity of stop-motion enthusiasts and supporters of independent art all over the world. We've created an ambitious array of rewards for our Chapter 3 Campaign, in hopes to convey our most sincere & enthusiastic thanks for backers of every level and interest, whether you're a first-time backer or a supporting member of Team MAD GOD from the moment it emerged from the primordial ooze. Please consider tossing a few coins in our coffers, to feed and supply Phil and his army of volunteers as they continue this tremendous - and tremendously beautiful - labor of love."
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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