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https://www.thejc.com/news/world/antisemitic-attack-victim-was-arab-trying-to-disprove-antisemitism-1.462685 "Antisemitic attack victim 'was Arab trying to disprove antisemitism' The victim filmed the incident on Tuesday with his mobile phone. It has emerged that the young man attacked yesterday in Berlin for wearing a kippah has been revealed not to be Jewish, but rather an Israeli Arab wearing the Jewish head-covering to see if reports about antisemitism were accurate. Speaking to Germannational broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the man, who has been named only as Adam A, said he had been prompted to wear the kippah after being told by a Jewish friend that it was dangerous to publicly wear the item in Germany. “The friend of mine, when he gave us the kippah as a gift, he said it’s unsafe to go out with a kippah on the streets of Germany, and we had a discussion about it,” he said. “I was saying that it is really safe. I wanted to prove it, but it ended like that.” Adam filmed the incident on Tuesday with his mobile phone. It showed a man a man hitting him with a belt, while repeatedly calling him “Jew” in Arabic. The video subsequently went viral on social media."
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Стать лайк если защищаясь от грабителя еврея автоматом становишься антисемитом
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