Best viewed with LeechCraft on Microsoft Linux. Войти !bnw Сегодня Клубы "Rust: implementation of `hg` This commit provides a mostly-working implementation of the `hg` script in Rust along with scaffolding to support Rust in the repository. If you are familiar with Rust, the contents of the added rust/ directory should be pretty straightforward. We create an "hgcli" package that implements a binary application to run Mercurial. The output of this package is an "hg" binary. Our Rust `hg` (henceforth "rhg") essentially is a port of the existing `hg` Python script. The main difference is the creation of the embedded CPython interpreter is handled by the binary itself instead of relying on the shebang. In that sense, rhg is more similar to the "exe wrapper" we currently use on Windows. However, unlike the exe wrapper, rhg does not call the `hg` Python script. Instead, it uses the CPython APIs to import mercurial modules and call appropriate functions. The amount of code here is surprisingly small. It is my intent to replace the existing C-based exe wrapper with rhg. Preferably in the next Mercurial release. This should be achievable - at least for some Mercurial distributions. The future/timeline for rhg on other platforms is less clear. We already ship a hg.exe on Windows. So if we get the quirks with Rust worked out, shipping a Rust-based hg.exe should hopefully not be too contentious."
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Переписали парашу на параше. Но зачем?
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@anonymous долбоёбы, хуле. руст - это новые кресты же. со всем старым долбоебизмом, так что ещё и не такое увидишь. но хоть тулчеин нормальный сделали, не прошло и 30и лет. вот норм, надо вкладываться пока ещё не взлетело. тоже правда на русте.
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