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Hello guys, let me introduce my OS project i was working on last 3 hours: https://github.com/mmmsharap/ASCII-XYN It is very simple and configurable tool to get ascii ХУЙ-like pattern. This project may look completely done but i have tons of ideas how to improve it. First of all i will be nice to wrap it for command-line interface. After it i have plans to make python3-compatible code and publish it on pypi and conda package indexers. With projects's growth there will be so many ecosystem features as: Cross-platform executables Deb and rpm packages React plugin Mobile app even Chrome extension It will be awesome if ASCII-ХУЙ will be included in linux kernel but Linus Torvalds doens't think that (proof: https://github.com/mmmsharap/ASCII-XYN/commit/470e78b4d8300f4f8498d951b159b69b0fcb488c). Also blockchain with machine learning and data mining is also planned. Pull requests and clever issues are welcome. Best regards, Best Retard.
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