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The end of the world is upon us, or so it may seem. With COVID-19 spreading rapidly worldwide, a mixture of fear, precaution, and opportunism has led state governments to react in predictably authoritarian ways.

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>Of course we could always take inspiration from the armed citizens in Vinalhaven, Maine who chopped down a tree and dragged it into their neighbors driveway in order to keep them from being able to leave using their car in an attempt to force them into quarantine for the safety of the rest of the community. По той же логике можно в подъезде насрать и сказать, что это политический месседж. Не выходи в подъезд, не совершай ошибку.
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@politopuschenets-pidrosos Нормальный коллективизм, хуле. Можно ещё замки соседу клеем залить.

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