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УНЯНЯ. У нас есть немножечко инфы об этом пользователе. Мы знаем, что он понаписал, порекомендовал и даже и то и другое сразу. А ещё у нас есть RSS.
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We have established the 30% ratio as a bare minimum to be respected. More specifically, the following ratios are expected: Keynotes - 30 % women. Since the number of plenaries is small, this ratio will be more flexible. MS (5 people): At least 2 should be women. Given that not all fields have the same representation, those finding the ratio difficult to respect, should write a report of names considered and send it to the organizing committee for approval. http://ecm31.ecanews.org/en/speaker-policy-for-gender-balance.php
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