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бля чёт pipewire сосёт 08:22:02]<L29Ah> how do i allow a process to output sound but forbid to capture? i&#39;m running apparmor so i could allow/deny access to individual files, but seems like pipewire uses one socket for everything :/ 09:11:10]<gkiagia> L29Ah: pipewire uses one socket but it allows setting permissions on individual objects that are accessible via this socket. To make this work you need to program the session manager or some other approval daemon to listen for clients and grant/deny permissions on the relevant objects 09:12:38]<gkiagia> There is a script in wireplumber to do that but note that it hasn&#39;t been used / tested in real world scenarios like that. It is pretty much wip. как там с этим у pulseaudio? или чтобы иметь возможность запретить плеерам записывать микрофон нужно возвращаться на ALSA?
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