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УНЯНЯ. У нас есть немножечко инфы об этом пользователе. Мы знаем, что он понаписал, порекомендовал и даже и то и другое сразу. А ещё у нас есть RSS.
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Бедный придурок. Еще один из длинного списка жалких существ со сгнившими мозгами. Биологический организм продолжает функционировать, однако сознание, душа — все мертво. Остались лишь механические рефлексы, как у насекомого.
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http://dump.bitcheese.net/files/fyranek/490194dcb6.720.mp4 Обноружены всратые танцы всратой кадаськи
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я бончег
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Возможно, поколению, родившемуся в 2000-х трудно это представить, но в 1990-х динозавры были неотъемлимой частью российской реальности наряду с какой-нибудь водкой "Черная смерть", финансовыми пирамидами и Борисом Ельциным.
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>All the things we love on the internet — from websites that give us information to services that connect us — are made stronger when their creators come with different points of view. With this in mind, we asked ourselves and our guests: “What would the internet look like if it was built by mostly women?”
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гориллы слишком умны, чтобы болтать с кем попало: они общаются только с другими анархистами. Видишь ли, все гориллы – анархисты, и они проявляют здоровую осмотрительность насчет людей в целом и правительственных чиновников в частности. Одна горилла мне как-то сказала: «Если станет известно, что мы умеем разговаривать, то консерваторы половину из нас истребят, а остальных заставят арендовать землю, на которой мы живем. А либералы начнут учить нас токарному делу. На хрен нам сдалось работать у станка?» Им нравится их пасторальный, эристический уклад жизни, и лично я не хочу им мешать. Но мы с ними общаемся, как и с дельфинами. Оба эти вида достаточно разумны и понимают, что, помогая горстке людей-анархистов, пытающихся прекратить или хотя бы притормозить всемирную анэристическую бойню, они помогают самим себе, как части земной биосферы.
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This was not enough for me and the next day I was already walking along the streets of St. Petersburg in search of Russian models for casting. It seemed that I was not completely satisfied with yesterday's action. "It was ready for the sake of a career for all the girls, another thing random Russian from the street - this is a real challenge." At last, three hours of searching for potential actresses ended, 10 random young ladies agreed to come to the casting. - You will receive contracts for participation in 10 of my most expensive films, if you pass one test - the translator translated my words to them when I was already with Alfredi. Alfredi - it was a huge, very nice, but insanely slobbery bull terrier. When I said what should be done, the curly red-haired girl ran out of the room without a word. There was a silence, then the big-eyed brunette undressed, framed her genitals with the excited Alfredi. Dog crouched on it and began to screech to fuck, abundant white saliva dripping on the back of a graceful brunette. I did not believe my eyes, Michelle lowered them and did not look at it, later he would tell me obediently: "You were right, Rocco. I decided to reach a decisive maximum, after which she did not just have to, she would have to throw off a slobbery stinky animal from her thin calf, and slap me in the face. I said: "Sing your hymn, Russian" - Russia is our sacred power, Russia is our beloved country. Mighty will, great glory - Your heritage for all time! - The brunette sang under the rhythmic movements of the dog. I was looking at such devotion, submissiveness and lack of national pride and burst into diabolical laughter.
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From the autobiographical book of the famous porno actor Rocco Siffredi "Italian staIllion." Translation from Italian. "To admit, a special place in my heart is occupied by Russian women.If I was born in Italy and I value my compatriots, I worked as a model in England and admired the subtlety of the inhabitants of the foggy Albion, became world famous in America, where I fell into ecstasy from the passion and insatiability of the Yankees, I can not help but notice that the Slavs beat them all in. The first time I visited Moscow on the set of the next film, and this huge anthill pushed me off with my heartlessness, I did not return home, that I would not return to Russia, but lo floor, and in my office a call from my good friend: - Rocco, I have a great idea, an idea to make a film in the cultural capital of Russia St. Petersburg. "No, no, no," I yelled. "I've been there before, and you know, Michel, the Russians are killing my whole creativity with their insensitivity and the thirst for money." "You need to try again, it was a bad experience - in the end Michelle was so persistent that I agreed to try again. Petersburg struck me with its beauty, monumentality of buildings and architecture magic, the girls were also of the highest class, but I thought the cultural capital of Russia would be too conservative and 5-6 people would come for casting. How am I wrong! In two hours, 200-300 girls crowded at the entrance. After a couple of hours I was in love with Russian women, they were moaning under me, licking my anus and taking it on my face. Any of them was ready for anything, for me and my future career. The guys are tired, I was also squeezed like a lemon and we decided to take a break until tomorrow. I remember looking out the window, I saw how many young ladies slept in a nearby park just in the morning not to miss rivals ahead of themselves on casting. - It seems to me for the sake of me and the prospect of being an actress, they will go to anything - lounging in a soft chair and sipping whiskey I told Michel. "No, you are mistaken, Rocco, they all have great Russian pride and boundaries, which they will never cross." The Russians are very proud people, you will touch their honor and they will spit your face. Russians will never disgrace their origin for a stick of Italian sausage. - Now we'll check - I cried from the chair I cried. On the watch was the floor of the second night, I was hot with alcohol and I wanted to prove my rightness to Michel. I ran to the park in slippers and in one dressing-gown, and brought about 20 Russian girls. "Whoever does everything I say will get a contract," I shouted. The girls were alarmed and screamed, their eyes lit up. In the meantime, I did not hesitate and went to the bathroom, after 5 minutes I burst into them with a blue pot, which I put on the floor. - Open it! - I ordered the blonde. She hesitantly went to the pot and took off her lid with her delicate, delicate fingers. Instantly the room was seized with the smell of sewage. All the girls ran away from the pot and shrieked their "Fuuuu!" But I paid no attention to the blonde: - Eat, Russian! - At first she smiled, then grimaced and something began to speak softly, to which I did not listen loudly repeated - Eat! You want to become an actress, do not you? I thought now she would splash the contents of the pot into my face, but to my surprise and just dropped off Michelle's jaw, the Russian knelt and started eating my feces. All the other 19 girls with a surprised look in which expressed all the misunderstanding from such a strange casting, stood before me in turn on their knees and devoured the feces. Only one girl burst into tears and ran out of the room.
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Почему биомусор не рассматривает в качестве способа достижения бессмертия создание ИИ
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я жив, я легилимент
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обосрите pwsh плиз
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один пук бровкина длиннее другого просто. всё ходит вокруг да около, чувствует что где-то его наебали, бьётся как муха о стекло, но всё никак не может понять где же именно, остаётся только фрустриво попукивать. всё-таки некоторым не дано видеть дальше залупы собственного носа, хоть они и выглядят как люди, а по (не)вербальным даже порой и превосходят.
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https://tinystash.undef.im/il/99bPreRoYyxponYHQporJ4rYFfEQK8v1kfCcHPWAnSZp.png всё, пизда, последний браузер стал хуетой для одноклеточных анацефалов. надежды на пашкин частный веб тоже нет. алсо, эта хуйня вероятно течёт приватностью как сука. (причина заката greasemonkey например)
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Самый сексуальный парфюм — это спрей от комаров и запах костра. Согласны, русские!?
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*хуита https://tinystash.undef.im/il/A92HhU3fCvw76qx4tSMovVSZuuri1F7RDHxjEPTV6YG5.png ебать как я люблю нвидию
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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