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>Сотрудник морга годами насиловал мертвых женщин и девочек datz mah boi https://youtu.be/FH58f6ftcyw?t=163 Haunted in dreams of their dead faces come to life Death is my business, work diligently A forte I've taken all too seriously I'm swift with the trocar, I scalpel with glee Besides, I like fucking them, a small perk for me The morgue is my sick whorehouse Their bodies, favourite toys Anointing them with ejaculate All the good little girls and boys They'd call me mad, sickly, lifeless devotion Their blood and their innocence drained What's left unsaid Guilted damnening sentence If there is a god down in hell's where I'll be This flesh of ours An earthly cage, key six feet down in a grave What crime's been done? The speechless won't contest this violation Cold dolls of skin Mounting the slab, thrusting myself deep within Though frowned upon The company policy: termination
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было у катетера https://youtu.be/F_gnFg0Y4mM

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