Тут не исправить уже ничего, Господь, жги! Войти !bnw Сегодня Клубы
You scored 13 out of 14. If you scored above 10 you may be a super-recogniser. However, no test on its own is diagnostic of super-recognition face recognition ability. At the University of Greenwich we normally ask participants, particularly police officers, to take a series of different tests under very different conditions to build up a true picture of face recognition ability... We are always looking for volunteers willing to take part in our research programmer to help develop new tests and understand more about why some people are better than others at face recognition. You do not have to be a super-recogniser to take part. https://greenwichuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_e3xDuCccGAdgbfT
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ipv6 ready BnW для ведрофона BnW на Реформале Викивач Котятки

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