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Would coating the shrapnel in a bomb with poison be effective?
#9MEHY8 / @anonymous / 96 дней назад

define effective
#9MEHY8/YZM / @voker57 / 96 дней назад
After treating the survivors of one recent suicide bombing, Dr. Itzhak Braverman and his staff believe that flying bone fragments from the bomber infected one woman with hepatitis.
#9MEHY8/S4N / @anonymous / 96 дней назад
*just unit 731 things
#9MEHY8/8F9 / @anonymous / 96 дней назад
@voker57 more pidorashkas are getting terrorized
#9MEHY8/3VO / @anonymous --> #9MEHY8/YZM / 95 дней назад
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