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Would coating the shrapnel in a bomb with poison be effective?
#9MEHY8 / @anonymous / 184 дня назад

define effective
#9MEHY8/YZM / @voker57 / 184 дня назад
After treating the survivors of one recent suicide bombing, Dr. Itzhak Braverman and his staff believe that flying bone fragments from the bomber infected one woman with hepatitis.
#9MEHY8/S4N / @anonymous / 184 дня назад
*just unit 731 things
#9MEHY8/8F9 / @anonymous / 184 дня назад
@voker57 more pidorashkas are getting terrorized
#9MEHY8/3VO / @anonymous --> #9MEHY8/YZM / 184 дня назад
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