Я и мой ёбаный кот на фоне ковра. Войти !bnw Сегодня Клубы
This was not enough for me and the next day I was already walking along the streets of St. Petersburg in search of Russian models for casting. It seemed that I was not completely satisfied with yesterday's action. "It was ready for the sake of a career for all the girls, another thing random Russian from the street - this is a real challenge." At last, three hours of searching for potential actresses ended, 10 random young ladies agreed to come to the casting. - You will receive contracts for participation in 10 of my most expensive films, if you pass one test - the translator translated my words to them when I was already with Alfredi. Alfredi - it was a huge, very nice, but insanely slobbery bull terrier. When I said what should be done, the curly red-haired girl ran out of the room without a word. There was a silence, then the big-eyed brunette undressed, framed her genitals with the excited Alfredi. Dog crouched on it and began to screech to fuck, abundant white saliva dripping on the back of a graceful brunette. I did not believe my eyes, Michelle lowered them and did not look at it, later he would tell me obediently: "You were right, Rocco. I decided to reach a decisive maximum, after which she did not just have to, she would have to throw off a slobbery stinky animal from her thin calf, and slap me in the face. I said: "Sing your hymn, Russian" - Russia is our sacred power, Russia is our beloved country. Mighty will, great glory - Your heritage for all time! - The brunette sang under the rhythmic movements of the dog. I was looking at such devotion, submissiveness and lack of national pride and burst into diabolical laughter.
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