Бабушка, смотри, я сделал двач! Войти !bnw Сегодня Клубы
Цитата из статьи про корректное логгирование (http://www.javacodegeeks.com/2011/01/10-tips-proper-application-logging.html) : A third anti-pattern is the “magic-log”. Real life example: most programmers in the team knew that 3 ampersands followed by exclamation mark, followed by hash, followed by pseudorandom alphanumeric string log means “Message with XYZ id received”. Nobody bothered to change the log, simply someone hit the keyboard and chose some unique “&&&!#” string, so that it can be easily found by himself. As a consequence, the whole logs file looks like a random sequence of characters. Somebody might even consider that file to be a valid Perl program.
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